Simple way to relieve computer eye strain without computer glasses: For non glasses wearers

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NO computer glasses needed for this simple treatment at home for computer eye strain. Read on to learn these eyecare tips. To answer is there glasses for computer use? Yes! There is computer glasses with anti glare coating to block Blue Light, but is there a way to relieve digital eye strain without computer glasses?

Tips to relieve computer eye strain instead of relying on computer glasses

Eye strain from phone/computer LCD screens are caused by a type of radiation called blue light. Blue light is directly related to the pain and strain that looking at the computer screen can place on the eyes. Eyesight problems (Malaysian) or known as vision issues (the western term). Computer glasses with blue light blocking lenses are specifically made to optimize the eyesight of those who spend a lot of period in front of the computer screen. These lens supplement most of your pair of eyeglasses and should have an anti-reflective coating to decrease harm from the computer screen’s blue light rays. Here is usual methods that you can try how to cope with the issue of eye strain without relying on computer glasses.
No computer glasses in the below eye strain exercise

Relief treatments for eye strain

Comfort your sore, exhausted eyes with a refreshing, cool, damp washcloth before you call it a day. Use artificial tears, or even eye-moisture drops available from local pharmacy which are recommended by your eye physician.
Computer eye strain treatment-Pott Glasses Malaysia
Computer eye strain treatment. Sourced by Pott Glasses Malaysia from Pinterest
Protect eyes when outside with good quality glasses. When indoors, the bright glare from lamps and lamps may also lead to eyestrain. So, remove direct light sources, move your personal computer station, or install blinds, screens, or shades to reduce glare. Use a good anti-reflection computer screen. Create a conscious effort in order to blink more while functioning on computer. Avoid near an air conditioner or even near its air set up while working on personal computer. Don’t let the a/c blow onto your eye or nose.

Habits to ease eye strain

Short break

Take breaks when you are sitting and focusing on the personal computer at a stretch. Each hour stand and stretch out, or run some charge. Change postures. Place monitors about two to 3 feet from the eyes (or at the furthest comfortable distance).

Expired glasses

Always make use of only the correct glasses or lenses prescribed simply by your eye doctor. Decrease contrast of the pc. Every half-an-hour, close your eyes for a few of minutes to give them rest.

Don’t stare without rest

Do not gaze constantly at the particular monitor for a lengthy time. Take your eyes away the screen every five to ten minutes.

Don’t simply use products

Do not use antibiotic or steroid vision drops without supervision of an expert eye specialist. There is absolutely no evidence that CVS causes long-term eye damage. Only signs and symptoms which are dry, red eyes double vision, eye irritation, blurred eyesight, headaches, neck and even back pain.

Our Highlight Solution: Eye strain exercise 20-20-20 Rule

If your eyes start feeling tired or strained while you’re looking at your computer display screen, try the American School of Optometry’s “20-20 principle”. How it works? The 20-20-20 rule: For each and every 20 minutes that you spend concentrating on your phone/computer screen, take a break to look out the window into the distance of 20 fts, for about 20 seconds! Practice with the 20-20-20 rule, hope that helps you with proper Malaysian eyecare. Next time we shall talk more about eyewear and trendy fashion glasses!

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