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How computer light affects sleep cycle

” Do you have hard time falling asleep? Your phone and computer could be the culprits “ In today ‘s world, smartphone has become a vital tool for not only communication but also source of information and entertainment. We can hardly separate ourselves from the internet, Facebook, YouTube etc. In addition, our jobs require us […]

Simple way to relieve computer eye strain without computer glasses: For non glasses wearers

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NO computer glasses needed for this simple treatment at home for computer eye strain. Read on to learn these eyecare tips. To answer is there glasses for computer use? Yes! There is computer glasses with anti glare coating to block Blue Light, but is there a way to relieve digital eye strain without computer glasses? […]

Why wear computer glasses? Malaysians will be shocked when they know

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Why wear computer glasses? The remedy for computer eye pain is an eyewear called computer glasses. The anti-glare coating on computer lenses helps a wearer optimise vision, so that the eyesight is not compromised when the person spends long hours looking at a computer screen, TV, monitor or any other digital backlit screens. We cannot […]

Do Anti Blue Light Glasses work? Computer Glasses Guide

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Computer glasses topic: Do anti blue light glasses work? Read on to find out who needs computer eyewear to relieve computer eye strain. Computer screen with LED as light source emits high energy of harmful blue ray which can cause eye problems. With the advent of technology, a new type of glasses is created to […]

Computer Vision Syndrome: What is computer eye strain?

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Computer glasses protects our eyes from Blue Light – What is computer vision syndrome? Do you get computer eye strain? In this article we shall explore the causes of CVS and eyesight problem like computer eye strain, the main precursor to the spike in interest in gaming glasses aka computer glasses. Intro – Computer Vision […]

How to protect eyes from computer blue light? To buy computer glasses or not?

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Can computer glasses protect eyes from computer blue light? Read on to learn more about eyecare and computer eyewear protection. Long hours of computer usage can cause computer vision syndrome. There is no one specific problem of (CVS) Computer Vision Syndrome. In fact, there are few problems such as dry eyes, blurred vision, double vision, headache […]