The Basics of Computer Glasses – Malaysia

Malaysian glasses wearers, do you know the Basics of Computer Glasses? Computer glasses are a type of eyewear designed for heavy computer users. In this digital era in Malaysia, computers became a vital tool for work and the time spending in front of a computer is getting longer, between 3 to 10 hours. This kind of lifestyle can cause harm to the eyes such as Macular Degeneration and Computer Vision Syndrome.
If you habitually play with your phone for 1 hour straight, you need to look into computer glasses! -Pott Glasses-

Intro – The basics of computer glasses

Computer glasses are also known as gaming glasses in Malaysia. Read on to learn the problem and solution in the introduction topic of Computer Glasses.

What is Macular Degeneration?

Macular degeneration is caused by deterioration of of the center of retina which functions as image signal sender to the brain via the optic nerve. The center of retina is known as macular. Thus the problem “macular degeneration” is self explanatory. When this happen, there will be a black spot appear in vision as shown in the photo.
computer glasses and macular degeneration
How macular degeneration look like. The black spot… Photo: www.macular.org
Most of the macular degenerations occur due to age, genes and smoking. However, recent research found that UV light and Blue Light can increase the risk of macular degeneration.
  • UV Light – (320nm-400nm) from sunlight can penetrate into the eye protective layer. Verdict: your sunglasses has to be UV400 protection!
  • High Energy Blue Light – (410nm-453nm) from digital devices can penetrate through the natural protective layer in our eye. Verdict: you face macular degeneration.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome ?

There is no one specific problem of Computer Vision Syndrome. In fact, there are few problems such as dry eyes , blurred vision , double vision , headache and eye irritation . All these symptoms arise due to prolong hour usage of computer. When we look at the screen which is considered as intermediate object, the lens in our eyes will change shape in order to focus. Our eye muscles are working hard to make sure the image is in focused. This analogy is same as our camera, which requires different focus for different distance. To make things worse, the screen has contrast and glare and makes the eye even more tiring. As technology advances, there are now better lenses to cope with the hectic digital lifestyles and one of them is the computer glasses . To work such as this, they make use of a coating on the lens that reflects blue light, as with the Pott Glasses product picture below:
Pott Glasses computer lens
The actual photo of computer lens

The Remedy: What is computer glasses?

In 2017, almost everyone stares into their smartphone screen for long hours. Computer glasses can definitely help many Malaysians solve problems related to harmful blue light emitted from computer screens. The colour of computer lenses on the eyeglasses are generally yellow in colour and blue at certain angles. Computer glasses are intended to:
  • Lessen glare (a main reason for eye fatigue)
  • Increase contrast tones
  • Cut off harmful blue light
  • Amplify what you see through the lens —making it less demanding to look at an electronic screen for long timeframes.
In order to attain the first three functions, the computer glasses come in unique blue-ish coating. The anti blue light coating is the main element of the lens – the protection part where harmful blue light is filtered/blocked out.
They are also known as gaming glasses for computer games lovers.

To Conclude – Basics of computer glasses

To put it essentially, computer glasses are purposeful eyeglasses intended to optimize a person’s visual perception when they’re looking at computerized screens. So besides the remedy to your eye pain, there’s stuff Smartphone companies did not tell you about. You can also make an appointment with us to do an eye test and see if computer lens really help you. We are giving RM35 off if you make an appointment in the form below.

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