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Types of Progressive Lenses in 2020

different types of progressive lens malaysia

Types of Progressive Lenses: How many types of these eyeglasses are there?Progressive glasses and multifocal glasses are the same. The words are interchangeable in this article. Intro – Types of progressive lenses Progressive lens are “multifocal” lenses that offer a smooth progression of several lens powers for very optimised vision across the region. They are usually near […]

Progressive Lenses Malaysia Guide: What is progressive glasses?

what is progressive lenses tutorial by pottglasses malaysia

Progressive Lenses Malaysia Guide: What is progressive lenses? Progressive spectacles eyewear (known as Progressive lenses in Malaysia) are referring to the lens on a prescription eyeglasses that serves to treat short sightedness or long sightedness problems and presbyopia related to old age visual accommodation. Intro – Progressive lenses Malaysia Brief introduction, progressive lenses are designed to fix focusing problems […]

The Basics of Progressive Lenses – Malaysia

the basics of progressive lens

The basics of progressive lenses: What is progressive lens? : Progressive lenses is also known as multifocal are a type of optical lenses used to correct short sightedness and reading problem within the same lens. It can be fitted on any type of glasses frame, essentially turning it into progressive glasses. Who needs progressive lens? :  Progressive lenses are […]

How do progressive lenses work? Malaysia glasses guide

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How do progressive lenses work? Read this guide and find out whether its good or not before you buy progressive lenses in Malaysia. Previously in this Malaysia glasses guide, we learnt what is presbyopia and the cure for it is using progressive lenses technology. But what is meant by progressive lens glasses? How it works? And at […]

First time wearing progressive lenses in Malaysia. How long to adjust?

First time wearing progressive lens

How long to adjust to my new multifocals? This is a burning question among Malaysians that want to know “How first time wearing progressive lenses feels.” If you’re wearing progressive lenses for the first time, the info here will help you adjust to your new pair of glasses.  As a first time user of progressive lenses, you will […]

Pros & Cons of Progressive Lenses

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Pros & Cons of Progressive Lenses and Multifocal – WHAT are they?  HOW do they work? Now that you know more about presbyopia & progressive lens glasses, it is time to know the pros and cons of progressive lenses. Progressive glasses and multifocal are the same, so the words are interchangeable in this article. Pros and cons of progressive […]

History of progressive lenses in Malaysia

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require([“mojo/signup-forms/Loader”], function(L) { L.start({“baseUrl”:”mc.us15.list-manage.com”,”uuid”:”514d4358a162fbd5d399b7ebd”,”lid”:”0f2b9697a7″}) }) Let’s ponder upon the history of progressive lenses. When were progressive lenses engineered? They go back in history once upon a time when older people generally can’t see near distance. But before that, a small intro on the uniqueness of these glasses and what are they for. Progressive lenses are […]