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“That’s the time I appreciated as to how a mother’s responsibility and compulsion never ends ” – Shaneeya

If I have to reminisce “The most unforgettable moment with my “Mom”…. then it has to be the time I had my first daughter. The moment I gained my senses after my normal delivery, my Mom and my hubby were there. My Mom was the one who held my hand and told me that I […]

“I enjoy happy hours with her on the rocking chairs reminiscing tales of yesteryears ” – Emily Kok

My mum insisted on sending me to school although she received strong objections from my dad’s family. Since I was the eldest in the family, my dad wanted me to start working at the age of 12 to support the family instead of going to school. My mum protested as she knew the importance of […]

“Her sheer determination in providing her family the best” – Robin

The most heartfelt moment I had with mum is witnessing her sheer determination in providing her family the best in the world. The 1997 Asian financial crisis was a huge blow towards my family. My father was retrenched by his company at the age of 47 although his career was escalating. With my sisters and […]

She is the most powerful heroine to me – Asth Jing

My mum is awesome because she is the most powerful heroine to me, able to solve whatever I couldn’t. She has an incredible power of speed, faster than ‘The Flash’. If you forget to bring towel when shower, scream “mummy” one time just one time enough, she will bring you the towel immediately. She is […]

Sky Jin: “Let me carry you and fulfil all your requests.”

Everyday she wakes up and works when the sun rises from the East to West, Non-stop cleaning, cooking, gardening……without even rest, Just to ensure we have a great day without worry and stress, concentrate in our study in order to pass with flying colors in our tests, Mei Jin Yeoh You are the most awesome […]