Custom-made Reading Glasses vs. Pre-fabricated Glasses

Off the shelves/pre-fabricated reading glasses are much cheaper and convenient to get. So you might even consider getting multiple pairs – one to be left in the car, one in the living room and one in bedroom. However, one downside about this type of glasses is that they are “one-size-fits-all” items. Most people do not have same prescription for both eyes and the pre-fabricated ones do not address this issue. So what’s so good about custom-made reading glasses?.

1. Reading power is made according to your individual eye’s prescription. A custom-made reading glasses will take into consideration of your habitual reading distance. Remember, reading glasses are supposed to blend into your lifestyle seamlessly. Meaning you should feel comfortable using the reading glasses rather than changing your lifestyle to fit the glasses you buy.

2. Correct astigmatism. Making your very own pair of reading glasses need to take astigmatism into account. In such cases where astigmatism is necessary, the reading glasses will have it.

3. Optical center. A custom-made one will have your pupil centre measured and made accordingly. Headaches and eyestrains can arise if the optical center deviates too far from the actual one.

4. A proper eye check. Lastly, sometimes vision blurs may happen due to factors such as glaucoma. Increasing the power of the reading glasses will not solved blurry vision, instead getting a proper eye check will.

So, how long has it been since your last eye-check? We hear a very long time, well maybe it’s about time. Did we also¬†mention that you can have really cool frames to make reading glasses? Click here to make an appointment with us and get a pair of yours now!