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eye exercise

Eye exercise

is important in maintaining eye health. Similar to all other exercises that we commonly do such as running, swimming, gym etc that bring benefits to our body, eye exercise is definitely beneficial to our eyes. Basically the idea of doing eye exercise is to allow eye to work well and stretch eye muscle.

There are few eye exercises that we do do easily without any usage of equipment.

First : turn the eyes in different directions. This is analogous to stretching that we usually do, be it for the hamstring, calfs, shoulder and so on. The steps are simple and explained as the caption of the graphics.

Second : Eye massage

More often than not, we overuse our eyes. We spend more than 8 hours in front of computer and desk job, and another 4 hours with phone before going to sleep. Some who do not get 8 hours of sleep will definitely feel exhausted. As much as your body need to rejuvenate, your eyes too need a proper massage! Here are 7 points where you can gently massage and press on when you feel tired. Go one full round when you feel tired, trust us, you will feel much better! You can do it after a long meeting, halfway to your long journey drive or anytime when you feel like doing it.

Gentle press on these points promote better blood circulations around the eyes.

eye massage points

Third : Good habit and lifestyle

Undeniably the living pace is getting faster every day. Tonnes of work piled up waiting to be done. This leads to longer working hour and continuous staring at desk job. Furthermore, there are many who do not have enough rest; it is not only detrimental to the body, it also hurt the eyes.

Contact lens wearers tend to wear the lens longer than the recommended hours ie 8 hours. To make things worse, many do not follow the hygienic protocol of wearing contact lens. All these unhealthy lifestyles are harmful to the eyes. Thus, here are some proper habits to practice so as to take care of the eyes.


eye care

One thing to note : rubbing the eyes can cause the rise of astigmatism; it should be prohibited. Should you experience itchiness or tired eyes, you can massage the eyes as shown above. You should also stay away from using the phone under low light condition and before sleep. Not only that it will affect your sleeping cycle, it may also cause blindness.

To conclude, one should not take the eyes for granted. After all, we have only two pairs of eyes and the eyes are irreplaceable. Although the advancement in medical may help to cure certain vision disorder or impairment, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

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