4th October 2015



Glasses nowadays is no longer just a tool to enhance your vision, it is also an accessory that helps to bring out your very own identity, or helps you to create the identity you wish to have.

However, without a proper guideline to choose the right frames, many end up choosing the not-so-fit glasses or wearing contact lens instead. The effect of glasses in enhancing one’s look should not be underestimated, and if selected correctly, it helps to transform you from one look to another better one. Let us show you how to choose the right pair of glasses.

  1. Be clear of the image you want to carry

You can be a professional banker but want to look like a fashionista after work, or a student who wants to look very serious during presentation. Perhaps you would also like to have a very casual look with an artsy sense when you go for high tea with friends. Whatever it is, be very clear of the look you want to have.


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  1. Get the correct size

We believe that no matter what shape your face is, and regardless of the frame shape, glasses with the correct size is the key in choosing the right frame. What does a correct size mean? This includes the distance between lenses (DBL), the size of lens and the overall ratio. There is no exact shape of frames for a certain face shape, because if there is, then life would be boring! If you’re really keen in getting the guideline, there is one but do not over-complicate this guideline. We would like to simplify it by using what we call the contrast rule, where square frames match round faces, and vice versa. Sometimes you can chunk the rule (that’s the fun part, rule is meant to be broken) and look for the correct size.


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  1. Material of the frames

Depending on your lifestyle, you may own 2 to 3 pairs of frames for different activities. If your want to have a subtle style, with a bit of art elements, tortoiseshell acetate will fit in very well or a shiny black acetate frame will do the same job, too. Acetate is a bit heavier than plastic but it gives you a realm feeling of wearing glasses.

If you do sports or deal with very active activities, TR90 frames should suit you more because it is lighter and more durable. Titanium or metal frames give you a more futuristic look as well as a more professional look. This is why you see a lot of professionals wear metal frames. Having said that, acetate frames makes your look more approachable and less bossy.


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  1. The color of the frames

This is very subjective. A sharper color like red or yellow is definitely an attention catcher but at the same time it brings out your stylish character. Many will go for black frame because it is easier to accept. So when choosing a black frame, you can go for either a well-polished glossy black or a matt black. Glossy black definitely gives you a sharper look and matches well for those with lighter skin tone because of the contrast effect.

  1. Prescription does matter!

Very few people notice about the effect of prescription lens on the overall aesthetic view of the glasses. Generally, the high prescription and low index lenses are thicker. Apart from that, the peripheral view of lens can be distorted and from outside, the eyes look smaller. When your prescription is high, you may opt for higher index lens or aspheric lens. In terms of material, polycarbonate lens will be much lighter and hence the higher cost. In terms of frame, try to get rounder lens so that the thickness of the lens at the side will not be obvious.

  1. Nose pad

You may wonder why the frame looks so fine on the model but just does not fit your face good enough. One small but important detail that you might have ignored is the nose pad. The Europeans, who have high nose bridge, design most of the frames. When the frames enter the Asian market, we can hardly get the same effect like the poster, not even close to it. Asians have lower nose bridge and protruded cheek, while the Europeans have higher nose bridge and flatter cheek. Hence, you should look for glasses with high nose pad or nose pad arm. High nose pads are non-adjustable silicon that fused with the frame. Nose pad arms are thin metal sticks that are inserted into the frames and can be adjusted to fit your nose height. At Pott Glasses, we take this matter very seriously, which is why we make sure that our glasses have high nose pad to be Asian fit.


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  1. Adjustment

Buying glasses is not an one-off thing, and it should never be! A correct adjustment is more important than all the facts mentioned above. A good optical shop will have most of the glasses pre-adjusted, so that when you put it on, the glasses will sit pretty well. After you have chosen the glasses, dispensing optician will proceed with the lens edging. Upon receiving the glasses, optician will do a final adjustment on the nose pad arm and temple leg. A combination of proper ear hook and grip will make sure that the glasses are not loose while adjusting the nose pad arm will make sure that the glasses sits well on your nose bridge. As time goes by, due to wear and tear, the adjustment will be off again and you should pay a visit to your optician for re-adjustment.


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21st FEB 2015


Ray Ban’s latest offerings: Mirrored versions of their ‘ Clubmaster’, ‘Folding Wayfarer’, and ‘Plastic Aviator’.


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10th JAN 2015


Thanks to enormous headways in laser innovation it is currently feasible to make anything you like from wood. Combining nature and the fashion, wooden sunglasses is now the latest pair to be brought to the beach!

wooden sunglasses

Photo source : thebrotique.co.uk

2nd DEC 2015


It appears to be all around you look nowadays you see vintage glasses on celebrities. Exemplary looking eyeglasses make a timeless look that can truly overhaul your style. We all remember John Lennon for his music as well as for his signature round metal glasses. From office to pubs, these frames never fail to spice up your look.

Vintage eyewear

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