This Years Halloween Costume Ideas – 2017

Glasses is getting much synonym with fashion, but lesser chemistry is seen when it comes to Halloween.

Was it because those quirky ghost didn’t wear specs? Then it is not a good news for people that can’t live without their specs.

This is one of the moment where you wonder why those dreary ghost have good eye sight; it is a wonder how they take good care of their eyes while busy scaring people away.

Don’t fret guys. Halloween should be much more fun than some artistic makeup and intense costumes. It is more on how you make your character stand out and making an impact on the people.

So, here are some ideas on how you can make the memorable representation, using the most simplest costume, without having to jeopardize your glasses.

Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)

This Wednesday Adams character don’t even need any splash of blood or torn face; shes all good with her laser-shoot gaze that is enough to scare people away.

Nevertheless the costumes is rather quirky and scary; imagine you pulling out some beautifully woven cartoon characters’ eyes from your blanket and hang them on your spectacles so that you can come along with your little siblings to collect your own candies.

It is just some serious babysitting here, but hey, no more splitting up candies since you can also collect on your own.

Abe Sapien (Hellboy)

Well hello there Abe Sapien. Looks like this Halloween someone is missing you.

Look how effortless the makeup is, yet it sure enough leaving people in awe with its incredible resemblance there!

Just name another more iconic remake than this; there got none!

This year Halloween is no longer about blood and creepiness, but who can stay in both water and land but still appear drop dead georgeous. Though it is not really a specs but it is still replacable with some round frame glasses.


Ouh-I-got-no-costume-to-wear-but-I-do-got-black shades-and-white-paint kind of costume. No more making up excuses to not to join candies hunting, honey.

Spiderman must be proud that there still got people that remember him; though it is a very last minute DIY.

The Red Queen (Alice In The Wonderland)

When black is your happy colour, but the Red Queen of Alice In the Wonderland is your dearest sweetheart, you get to do whatever it takes.

Even if it means to sneak away your grandpa’s reading glasses and apply some black coating on its glasses. But always remember to put it back just before the newspaper boy come the next morning!

Oh and to also remove your unkept coal contour before your sisters start their long lecture on perfect contouring techniques, and that you also should properly draw your brows and do not simply paste any random stickers instead.

White Queen (Narnia)

Just name any girl who never dream of wearing the White Queen magical snow white drape; even her almost untouchable tiara is a major envy.

Just don’t let any girl getting started with her crystal clear skin, it would become an endless narration … until she remember this is a tropical country which means all those dreamy coat and ice tiara are dead impossible.

Unless you are willing to sweat all along your walk but let’s just be realistic to not to look ridiculous.

Flying to any western countries for now is also of no good; it’s summer over there. This is where you have to give some moral support to your girlfriend by suggesting her to recreate a rebelling image of her favourite queen. I mean a villain can also look rebellious, right?

This theme will never be suitable in this country but never let your girl down. Help her with hot-gluing those shattered glasses on her dad’s goggle and telling her she is rocking those purple lipstickfor the night. This is also another example of a goggle but then again some old school glasses frame is also applicable.

Edna (The Incredibles)

Knock knock! Trick or treat.

Edna of The Incredibles has gotten much older, but she never forgot, nor getting smaller chips!

It turned out that it is too late to undye your hair for this year Halloween so you thought of this iconic poker face villain that goes along very well with your favourite shades. Miminum props, but impactful; perfect!

Halloween means it is another fun-filled nights and everyone deserves to cosplay whoever their most favourite icon is. But it will be much more magical if you manage to pull out those all times greatest characters and be different.

There is nothing as such that wearing glasses limits you in everything you do, but instead make it as one of your special best features ever.

Remember, it the crowd of Pennywise, dare to throw out your best dice!

Happy Halloween peeps!

Resource: www.pinterest.com

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