Multifocal glasses – what is it and how does it work

what is multifocal glasses

Multifocal glasses in Malaysia

What is multifocal glasses

Multifocal glasses, also known as progressive glasses is a type of glasses that consist of different prescription within the same pair of glasses. It helps wearer to see far such as driving and movie clearly as well as near such as reading easily.

It is getting popular in Malaysia. Many professionals and business people use multifocal glasses day in day out because it is really convenient and help them to see clearly.

multifocal glasses is essentially a pair of glasses with multiple prescriptions cater to shortsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (cannot read fine prints clearly)

It is useful for people of age 40 and above who have developed presbyopia (cannot see small words clearly) as it consists of reading power. You must have heard of another similar glasses called bifocal, where there is a line in between the lens.

Image below illustrates the difference between bifocal and multifocal. Multifocal come in one single piece without any line, it just looks like a normal glasses, while bifocal has a clear segment.

How does multifocal glasses work

Multifocal glasses, the name is pretty self explanatory, that is multiple focus points. Before we dive deeper into the multiple focus points fact, we need to understand that we need different power or prescription to view object of different distant.

For instant, if your short sightedness is -2.00, you need that power to view very far object. But do you realise that you can actually see computer screen even when you remove glasses? That has validated the point that you only need lower power to see near object.

Thus, multifocal consists of multiple focus points with different prescriptions. This is to cater adequate power for wearer to see object of different distances clearly. The image below illustrates the different level of prescription in the glasses.

structure of progressive lens

From the image, you can see that

  1. The top part is used to see far object
  2. The middle part is used to see intermediate object
  3. The bottom part is used to read book or phone messages

Now, you must be thinking

Why is it so complicated? Why are there 3 parts? Will it be difficult to wear?

You need to understand how the eyes work and where they focus when you look at different objects. Multifocal is designed in such a way is because after many years of research, lens expert find out that when human look at far object, we only see through the top part of the lens. When we are reading, we only see through the bottom part of the lens. And in between, we see through the middle part when we use our computer.

No, you do not need to keep adjusting the glasses just to utilise that part. Your eyes will adjust and fit in well.

how multifocal works

Who needs multifocal glasses?

Anyone with age of 40 and above will start to develop presbyopia. The symptoms of presbyopia are as follow :

  1. Have to remove existing glasses when you read phone message
  2. You extend phone a little further so that the messages get sharper
  3. You put on reading glasses when you read and remove it when you are not reading

Well, if any of these bothers you, you may want to consider multifocal glasses. It provides the convenience for you the see clearly without the hassle of changing or alternating glasses or changing the reading distance.

What to expect when you first started to wear multifocal glasses?

Until this point, you must be curious how does it feel to wear this multifocal glasses? Well, let’s assure you that it is not anything out of the world nor hard to wear.You can now see things clearly at all distances; smartphone fonts do not need to be enlarged nor stretching your hand even further to read.



  • Need to off glasses to read
  • Reading material has to be placed far away
  • Need to lift up the glasses to read WhatsApps
  • Need to bring reading glasses when you go out
  • Look old with all these actions

remove glassesimage source : allaboutvision



  • Able to read clearly without taking off glasses
  • No need to keep adjusting reading material
  • No problem in reading WhatsApps messages
  • Clear vision for work and driving
  • Look like young people without presbyopia

working with multifocal

Every pair of multifocal glasses are customised to cater to respective wearer.

Meaning to say, your friend’s multifocal is specially made for him or her and you will not feel comfortable wearing it.

The multiple focus points are well designed such that the different prescriptions work well with the particular wearer’s eye movement.

the basics of progressive lens

The multifocal lens design is so genius that it caters to the eyeball movement naturally. You do not need to worry about it. Having said so, in the beginning, it does take some time up to a week to get used to the glasses.

Within few days, you will get used to the glasses. You can now talk to your friends or do presentation and read the incoming message clearly without the hassle of removing your glasses or pull it further away. They will not even think that you have reading problem, you can hide you age and look young now!

So how much do a pair of multifocal cost?

A pair of multifocal glasses start at RM659. Of course the premium range can go up to RM1800 or even RM2000. However, not everyone needs premium multifocal. If you’d like to find out more about multifocal price, check out here.

If you’d like to find out more about multifocal glasses, feel free to make an appointment with us by filling the form below. Or simply give us a call or WhatsApps at +6011-5662 7678. We can give an over-the-phone consultation or thorough face-to-face consultation

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