Struggles People Wearing Glasses Have


Credits: via GIPHY

We all know the struggle is real for those who wear glasses all day- everyday. We’ve gathered up some of the most relatable situations which we have all come across. Check out the struggles people wearing glasses usually have down below and see if you could find yourself experiencing or have experienced any of those!  If those don’t look entirely strange to you, fret not, you’re not the only one, we have got you covered.

Daily struggles people go through:

1. Always having to clean your glasses. If there’s no cleaning cloth, your t-shirt works well too.

2. Having to re-adjust your glasses ALL. THE. TIME.

3. Walking in the rain without getting a single drop of water on your glasses is nearly impossible.


4. When people ask “How blind are you?” and proceeds to try on your glasses like it’s a costume prop.

5. People are telling you that you look like a hipster just because you wear glasses.

6. Struggling to find your glasses in the middle of the night to go to the loo without turning the lights on.


7. Finding it hard to differentiate between your shampoo and conditioner. URGH!

8. Drinking a cup of hot beverage is literally a pain in the back as your glasses will always fog up without fail.

9. You might find yourself hearing people say, “You look pretty/cute without your glasses on!” Wait a minute. What are you trying to say from that?

In conclusion, though people really do have struggles with wearing glasses but undoubtedly it does give us a clear vision and preventing it from getting any further damage! Love it or not, you’re stuck with it anyway. Come explore and experience a whole new style towards glasses with us. Have a fun time rocking a pair with your very own style today!