Steve Jobs Glasses

12th of September 2017 marks a huge milestone for Apple as they launch their most advanced iPhone to date, the iPhone X to celebrate 10 year anniversary since the inception of first iPhone. While everyone is discussing about the infinity screen of iPhone X and the ARkit, we choose to reminisce on the release of first iPhone by the late CEO of Apple, Mr Steve Jobs.

The Steve Jobs Glasses

Steve Jobs came up with his iconic rimless round glasses that portray image of creativity; pair with infamous black shirt and jeans, he hold the iPhone highly to showcase the breakthrough of Apple products that then later lead to many more breakthroughs in the next 10 years.

He is the guy who changed how we use our hand phone. He was able to visualise how phone should look like even when there is nothing close to actual product back then. He has the vision, the creativity, and more importantly the convincing power to make all of us believe in in his vision.

Many must have read how he made sure the launch of iPhone a success even though there were flaws with the actual unit. How he swapped few phones and confidently demonstrated and sell the vision. From the first iPhone to introduction of iPod and iPad, Steve had done great work in revolutionising how consumer technology products work for us.

In conjunction with the release of iPhone X, we are releasing the “Steve Jobs Glasses“. Comes in perfectly round shape, the rimless glasses made from polycarbonate lens is impact resistant. Besides, the memory metal leg is so durable and light that feel like virtually nothing is placed on the face of wearer.

One more thing..

The infamous Steve Jobs Glasses has no nose padding as it rests well on the nose bridge. However, here in Pott Glasses, we put a lot of attention on fitting and comfort of wearing glasses. Our version of Steve Jobs Glasses come with nose pad that is adjustable to sit nicely and comfortably on wearer’s face.

The glasses will be made available from now till 31st of October 2017. Grab one now starting from RM 555.