Sk Manek Urai Baru

first glasses donation


9th November 2015.

It’s 2:30am in the morning. There was a slight drizzle, giving a little respite to the otherwise blanket of stubborn haze. After packing up, we began our journey to Kelantan for our 1for1 campaign slated to begin by 9am. We were slowed down by the haze in some areas. But the growing of dawn slowly illuminated our path. The rolling hills and trees dotting the landscape were starting to looking familiar and as the towering gantry “SELAMAT DATANG KE KUALA KRAI” came into view, we knew that we were near. We were welcomed by huge smiles from Pn Salamah’s. Wasting no time, we discussed the plan and procedures for the day. As we were setting up in the meeting room, “guru kesihatan” Pn Rozita arranged for the pupils to come for the eye check, class by class.

The pupils were so excited! Their infectious energies were reminiscent of our primary school days. We would get so terribly excited when we saw visitors coming to the school – the mysterious “abang-abang and kakak-kakak”. Now, we were the ones who were coming to visit and help. One by one, they began their eye check. First, they were required to sit at a distance from the eye test chart, to see if they could see the alphabets clearly. Those who could left, while those who could not would proceed to do a second eye check, using the auto-ref. After which, Hoong would perform a thorough eye check with the aid of the trial lens set. By the end of the day, we managed to conduct eye checks for around 100 pupils. The next day, we arrived earlier and managed to cover another 155 students. Out of all of them, 50 required glasses. As we had more glasses to give away, we also did eye checks for the staff, amounting to a 57 pairs in total. 2 weeks later, we returned with their personalised glasses. The looks on their faces were priceless. As they gingerly wore their new glasses, you could sense a mixture of emotions; gratitude and happiness worn on their expressions. Those cute shy smiles warmed our hearts. Looking through their prescriptions, some of them were at -2.00 for both eyes. Without a pair of glasses, they must have been struggling to see during classes. The feeling that we made a difference through our work is truly awesome. Pn Salamah even cried when we were interviewing her about the flood experience. We sat down to have lunch with the teachers before heading off.

It has been an extremely fulfilling campaign and knowing that we are able to help our local community makes us feel really happy. Of course, this campaign would not have been a success without the support from our customers. We hope to continue our efforts to give back to society. If you know of anyone or any charity events that we can offer our services to, please contact us.
Let’s make the world a better place together 😀

Do check out https://pottglasses.com/the-additional-pair/ on the introduction of the campaign and here for the video.