She’s my partner in “crime” – Lilian Chen

She’s my partner in “crime”. Unstoppable in life. Brave and strong like a lion. She is the rainbow that colours my world, the sun that lights up my life. Naughty but extremely nice, and gentle as a dove. Warm-hearted with a heart of gold. Young at heart. I love her so, I’m her little doppelganger, and we’re like two peas in a pod, trudging on even though in life, even though we’re faced with challenges, my heroine who sacrificed all for our family, she is caring, understanding and an inspiring person, the one who encourages me to pursue my interests as she fires up my imagination, encouraging me to break out from my “shell” (my happiest and most unforgettable moment”) and teaching me to grab life by the horns, to aim for success and be self-sufficient, Thanks Mom for all your support!