“Her sheer determination in providing her family the best” – Robin

The most heartfelt moment I had with mum is witnessing her sheer determination in providing her family the best in the world. The 1997 Asian financial crisis was a huge blow towards my family. My father was retrenched by his company at the age of 47 although his career was escalating. With my sisters and I were still studying in primary school, my mother became the sole breadwinner of the family.

Although she had to commute to work by public transport daily, she still managed to serve us warm fresh rice and delicious dishes without fail every day. However, she is soft and tender in her heart. There were times where I showed tantrum in front of her but she had never gave up on me. She called me daily to ensure that I have enough food and rest in my hectic student’s life although we are only 20 km apart. She seldom enforces the cane on us as she felt that caning was not the proper way to educate a child.

Fast forward 29 years since I was born, she had never requested any celebrations during special occasions such as her birthday, Mother’s Day and her wedding anniversary. Her sacrifices without hoping for repayment reminded me that relationship between the family is not about expensive gifts but trust and sacrifice each other have to offer. I would like to show how much I love her by giving a pair of good vision courtesy of Pott Glasses.