Questions Malaysian wears glasses always hear,and must patiently answer.

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The article describes popular questions that Malaysians that wear glasses always hear, and written with the intention for leisure read.

Top 10 Questions Malaysian wears glasses always hear, and must patiently answer

The below are the frequently asked questions that Malaysian wears glasses have to bear with daily life.

Question 1 : How much power?

Okay, let’s start with this most boring and yet it never stops the endless curiosity from the people. People around you as if you got a superpower, and ironically, your answer DO sound like you possess the deemed superpower. At the end of the day, it never sounded normal anyway. “Two years back left is 250, right eye is 300. Now both eyes almost same already.” It couldn’t be any normal than this right?

Question 2 : Can you see me?

Inner thought: I’m not blind yet okay. What now? You want me to be blind then you feel happy, don’t you? I never knew you are such a friend. How disappointing, but not surprising anyway. Wait until you also need to wear one, I will ask you the same question. Let’s see if you feel what I feel right now. What you say: “Yeah”

Question 3 : How many fingers I’m showing you now?

“Five. Dude, five. Now you are showing me two. No need to bring it way back further la. I know it is three fingers. Oh, wait. What’s wrong with your pinky nail?” You make up things so that they stop asking you more. The more you have experienced this questions, you suddenly become more expert at questioning even the passing small breeze, just to switch your friend’s attention towards another thing, other than their finger game.

Question 4 : Can you go diving?

“I used to go to numerous waterpark. I went mount climbing and even joined a triathlon. Swimming was my favorite. I even did bungee jumping last year. It’s fun! I enrolled in taekwondo club. I play football. Oh, I also used to go for a horse ride with my family. You want to come along this year?””Oh okay. But, can you go diving?”

Question 5 : Where’s your specky?

Every. Single. Time. Especially those days that you feel you want to break free from your vision assistance and instead wear contacts. Those days that you are in a good mood to dress up a little bit but your good vibe didn’t last long when suddenly your friends start to frantically waving their hands right at your face, to make sure you can see them.

Question 6 : Ever considering contacts?

Umm I do consider that. But sometimes it’s quite tedious and time consuming. But won’t you people will then ask me question number 5 then?

Question 7 : How many years it has been?

Imagine if it a question being asked to those sweet lovebirds. They will look at their partner, lock their hands, the girl shyly look away while the guy takes the opportunity to kiss her forehead; it was such a sweet 15 seconds of waiting for your question to be answered. But if it being asked to you the lone wolf, umm-maybe-two-to-three-years-ago-I-don’t-really-remember answer only takes two seconds to be answered since you got no drama to spice in. Utmost apology.

Question 8 : Can you teach me Addmath?

Like, you look super smart. I mean, you wear specs right? You must read a lot man. I heard eh people that wear glasses are usually brainy one. So you must be good in Addmath what. Or of you don’t, can you teach me how to play rubik?

Question 9 : Can u live without your specky?

Generally, can. Technically, cant.

Question 10 : Hey bro! New specs eh?

You think?

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