Introduction to Progressive lens

At the age of 40, you may start to experience difficulty in reading. You may find that words are getting blurry and hard to focus. You may want to enlarge the font size of the laptop or smartphone, or place magazine and newspaper much further away than your usual position so that you can see it clearly. What you are experiencing is called presbyopia, in a layman term, we call it reading issue.

If you have been prescription glasses for shortsightedness (to see distance object), you may be able to read book clearly by taking off your glasses. This “taking on and off” action can be frustrating sometimes especially if you’re in a working environment.

If you have not been wearing any prescription glasses, you may find that with the help of reading glasses, near words become clear. However, distance objects become blur with that pair of glasses.

Common problem :

  1. I can’t read the phone message immediately. I need to slowly adjust the distance.
  2. Reading glasses is clear for near but blur for far distance.
  3. Hard to gauge when I’m playing golf.
  4. Its troublesome to keep taking off my glasses to read words on the wall.
  5. I don’t like the glasses with line in between (bi focal).
  6. My previous multifocal gives me headache.

A Pair For Near and Far

That irritating problem is about to be solved. Introducing progressive lens. Progressive lens is a type of lens that provide vision correction for far and near distance. It helps you to see distance object and near object clearly with the same pair of glasses.

multifocal lens

Power changes progressively

The top part of the lens is used to see distance object. This is because when we wear the glasses, we only use the top part to see distance object. Thus it makes sense to have distance power on top of the lens.

As the power progresses, the middle part of the lens is used to see intermediate object like computer.

The lower part of the lens is to used for reading. We always tilt our head slightly lower when we read. Thus placing the reading power at the lower part of the lens fits into the our habitual reading style.

What is the procedure?

From the explanation above, we can see that due to the structure of the lens, each lens is custom made to individual wearer according to his or her lifestyle. We will need to perform a thorough eye test to find out the short and farsightedness as well as the reading power.

Next, we need to make sure that the optical points of the lens are taken accordingly so that the glasses fit the wearer well. This includes the position of the distance area and reading area of the lens. A good pair of multifocal glasses can fit into your lifestyle seamlessly, providing you a good vision all the time.

Things we need to know from you :

How many hours do you spend reading, using computer and moving around? If you move around more than doing deskjob, we will advice to go for a wider far distance design. If you read a lot, we will advice to go for wider near distance design.

How is your working environment?

How many consecutive hours you spend on doing work?

How was your previous pair of multifocal or have you tried one before?

What to expect from progressive lens?

With multifocal glasses, you can now regain the clear vision for distance viewing and reading without the hassle of changing glasses or taking off the glasses. You can now see things clearly at all distances; smartphone fonts do not need to be enlarged nor stretching your hand even further to read.


  • take off glasses to read
  • newspaper has to placed far away
  • have to liftup the glasses to read SMS or whatsapps
  • have to bring reading glasses every time you go out


  • can read without taking off glasses
  • read newspaper at comfortable distance
  • can just read the SMS or whatsapps as you like
  • a pair of multifocal is all you need

There will still be some who cannot wear progressive lens. Why?

They do not accept the concept or vision of progressive lens.

They do not persevere long enough to adapt.

They switch from a premium design to a lower grade lens

Fitting is not taken properly so the vision cannot be achieved.

The optician or optometrist did not explain properly as well as poor expectation management.

Are progressive lenses expensive?

Our progressive glasses (multifocal) starts from RM 659 inclusive of frame and lens. Unlike normal glasses (single vision) that is easy to wear, progressive lens will take some time to adapt. A little more investment on a better design multifocal is definitely worth it as it ease the process and more comfortable. Besides, especially it provides much convenience.

If you are not sure whether progressive lens suits you or would like to find out more, feel free to contact us. We provide free consultation.

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