Presbyopia Remedy: Reading glasses for old age reading problem

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Presbyopia is an age-related medical condition that results in the loss of the ability to see objects at a near range.

This gradual and intensifying condition is as a result of eye lens hardening and associated decrease in length along with strength of the ciliary muscle, which is accountable for the action known as ‘vision accommodating’.

Presbyopia mostly becomes evident around the mid 40s for many, regardless of how great their vision was all through life, we will all develop presbyopia at some point.

Symptoms of presbyopia

Those with presbyopia eye condition typically find themselves holding objects (e. g. a newspaper or even phone) at ranges further from their eyes compared to usual in order to see details on them more clearly.

They may also make a complaint of headaches, blurred vision and eye fatigue, that are worse in dimly lit environments or sensations of tiredness.

Tests are performed to detect presbyopia. It may be treated in several different ways, such as with eye glasses, lenses and surgery. Surgery may end up being done to change the particular form of the cornea, making near vision easier, or an artificial lens may be implanted after removal of the natural one.

Reading glasses / spectacles

Reading glasses assist with the refraction of light before it enters the planes of the eyes. People who already use glasses due to a preexisting problem may require a new set of eyeglasses according to their condition.

The particular purpose of bifocal glasses is to correct both near and far range problems. With these spectacles, the lens has 2 parts, where the lower half of the lens may be used for near vision and the particular upper half for far vision.

Besides bifocals, there are trifocals and progressive lenses. Trifocal glasses have three areas within the lens that will allow for far, near and mid-range vision.

Also, progressive lenses are different from bifocals in that will they have a gradual change in dioptric strength from the upper and lower halves of the particular lens, thus correcting eyesight from the far to near point. This eliminates the abrupt change on the line border that bifocal lenses use.


Now that you know the solution to the problem, use reading glasses to treat presbyopia symptoms. Don’t miss out the most important part when you read on our next article on learning all about reading glasses, and how to choose a comfortable pair of reading glasses.

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