Does this look familiar? Do your parents also experience difficulty in reading? Sometimes no matter how they adjust the phone on or even remove the glasses, they still can’t see the words clearly.

Don’t worry, this is actually a common problem. It can be solved. We know they don’t like reading glasses, because it is troublesome and LOOK OLD! We have something better for them!




This multifocal also known as progressive glasses help them to see clearly when they drive and also reading!

Time to say goodbye to blur reading vision. They no longer need to change to reading glasses or take off the glasses when they want to read.


How it benefits you


Imagine how wonderful their life is, to be able to read clearly anytime they want without taking off glasses or changing to reading glasses. They can now see the GPS clearly while driving and also read the Whatsapps easily!

Look nice

There will be no line in between the glasses unlike the old school bi focal. They can also choose trendy frame to make progressive glasses. People around they will never notice that they have reading problem since they hide it so well!


With the far, intermediate and near power all in a pair of glasses, they can do the daily activity easily without having to worry about not their vision anymore.

Client Testimonial

Detailed explanation and good advice according lifestyle. It did not take me long to get used to the new multifocal.

– Steven , 48

I have tried many progressive lens and this is the best I had so far. For others, no many how many days I tried wearing, I still didn’t feel comfortable. But this is different, I love it.

– Pn Roslin, 65