Multifocal glasses, want to get a spare pair

pros and cons of progressive lens

“ I want to get a spare pair for multifocal but not an expensive one ”If this is you, we have solutions for you. Read on to find out more.

Multifocal Glasses

Compared to others who have not tried multifocal before, you have a better understanding on how multifocal work. You should be happy that you’re now used to wearing one, and thanks for willing to try. If you have not tried multifocal or progressive lens, here is a comprehensive introduction to multifocal that helps you to understand the concept better.

structure of progressive lens

progressive lens has different power at different part of the lensBack to the topic, a backup or spare pair that is less expensive. Before we dive deeper in this, let’s determine what factors determine the comfort of a multifocal.

  1. Power difference between reading and distant
  2. Astigmatism
  3. Lens design

As you have experience, you utilize the top part of multifocal to see distant object such as driving and watching movie; you utilize the bottom part for reading such as whatapps and books. All can be done in one single lens, that actualy means the power changes from “far to near”The bigger the power difference, the more it has to progress within the lens. Imagine squeezing 100 power difference and 300 power difference, the 300 one will be less comfortable.Astigmatism is one of the main culprit that cause dizziness, be it single vision (normal glasses) or multifocal. Reason being the nature of astigmatism is actualy cylindrical spheric, meaning the power at a certain angle can be exceptionally high(oblique astigmatism error). Such thing if combine with multifocal can reduce the comfortness.When we talk about lens design, we mean the corridor. As an avid multifocal wearer, you know this more than anyone else that the clear part of the lens is limited to the center. A better design (more expensive lens) will have a wider corridor thus reducing the distortion and waviness.

different types of progressive lens malaysia

how do we tell which progressive lens is better than the other

  1. Frame size

Frame size determine the size of the lens which also affect the overall wearing experience. Larger frame normally has more distortion but this can be subjective too. Bearing all the factors in mind, it makes sense to choose multifocal that is quite close to existing design. If the power and astigmastism remain the same, frame size does not differ by a lot, try to get the lens that is of similar or just one step lower range. Why do we say so?Multifocal is very much about relative wearing experience. Basically there are 4 category (depends on how one optician categorise it or some do not) namely entry, standard, premium and personalised. Entry is good for low power and young wearer below 45 while personalised is especially good for you who want minimal distortion and best wearing experience.Say your current pair is a premium design which you paid more than a grand for that. If you are comfortable with the vision, for your backup pair, it’s not advisable to get an entry level design because it is relatively uncomfortable. You may spend way lesser maybe around RM500 for that but you may not feel comfortable at all. In the end of the day, you did not save for buying a cheaper multifocal, instead, you have wasted RM500 because it does not serve your purpose.However, if you’re current pair is the standard design, getting entry level may be fine because comfort difference is relatively low.There will now be another question that’s in your mind :“why did my optician recommend me a premium design, making me not able to use entry design as a backup?”Please don’t get him or her wrong. When prescribing multifocal, we look into a lot of factors, the 4 mentioned earlier are just few of them. Lifestyle, age, working habit etc need to be taken into consideration. But hey, you’re able to wear that pair comfortably.After reading this post, you are now more informed on how to choose for your backup pair of multifocal. Disclaimer : This is not the only way in choosing multifocal or the absolute way, but rather a comprehensive guide for you to be more informed. Read here for you who first time wearing multifocal.You can also make an appointment for consultation. We assure you to that you’ll fully understand the choices after the consultation. click here to make an appointment with our optometrist