International Women’s Day: It’s A Woman’s World

This year, Be Bold For Change takes the theme for the International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th. But what exactly is this precious day all about? It is to celebrate more than what you see in a woman. Their glory achievements in politics, business, medical and other fields are surely not neglegible. Other than that, it is also a day to celebrate women from different ethnicities and have different wonderful culttures. With the departure of the International Women’s Day march last month, the woman empowerment this year has never been stronger. This march aims to support and empower the women who have faced injustice or unfortunate. Letting those who were victims of bully or assault, rape and the homemakers feeling a sense of authority and a meaning in life even in the slightest of ways.

The supporters hope that the demand for higher pay and equal rights for women will acknowledged and granted. As much as time have changed and people have become more open-minded about gender equality compared to 10 to 50 years ago, women still live in an era where they still get paid 24 to 33 percent lesser than man and are underemployed. Yes, we do have Vivy Yusof of FashionValet; Mac Chung Lynn, Group CEO of Nando’s Malaysia and Singapore; Cheryl Yeoh of the MaGic to name a few to thank for, but when would there be a time where woman and man are treated the same?

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"Be Bold for Change", Theme of International Women's Day 2017.