How to Take Care of Glasses : 5 Easy Tips

wipe glasses with shirt

How to Take Care of Glasses

Glasses help us see and protect our eyes, but they don’t always get the care they deserve. Although glasses don’t last forever, but with the right care, a pair of glasses can go a long way. Here we share 5 simple tips on how to take care of glasses.

  1. Clean your glasses regularly

Yes, please do it at least once a day people! Especially if you wear your glasses on a daily basis. Glasses is something that you put on your face, why do you want to put something dirty on your face? Furthermore, dirt and smudges on your glasses will strain your eyes, eventually worsen your vision. And what we are talking about here is a good thorough cleaning, not just a simple wipe-and-go. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your hands are free from oil and dirt
  • Place your glasses under running tap water (lukewarm water is the best) to remove surface dust. This will avoid your lenses getting scratched in the subsequent steps
  • Lather a small amount of soap (lotion-free ones) with your fingers
  • Use the lather to gently rub all areas of your glasses (both sides of the lenses, nose pads, temples, etc.)
  • Rinse thoroughly with tap water
  • Gently pat dry with a clean microfiber cloth
clean glasses on running water
  1. Don’t use your shirt to clean the lenses!

Water and soap might not always be accessible. So what to do if there is a smudge on your glasses? Most of us are guilty of just grabbing whatever we can (from tissues to our shirt) for a quick wipe down, but that is actually a big no-no. Why? Because tissues and our shirt or anything of the likes are abrasive materials for the lenses. They can collect and trap dirt and dust particles that can cause scratches on the lenses over time. As mentioned above, you wouldn’t want scratches on your lenses, as even the tiniest one is capable of straining your eyes and eventually impairing your vision.

wipe glasses with shirt
  1. No dry cleaning

In continuation from the point above, you may think the solution is to keep a glasses-friendly microfiber cloth handy in your pocket. It may seem perfectly OK to clean your glasses with a dry microfiber cloth, but it is actually not advisable as well. You should always clean your glasses with a wet cloth or with some sort of liquid, be it water or a cleaning agent. Why? It is basically the same as what we mentioned above. Dust and dirt particles are everywhere and can land on anywhere, even on your seemingly safe microfiber cloth, and a dry surface further encourage scratches. The solution? A cleaning agent for glasses and a microfiber cloth. Just note that you should apply the cleaning agent onto the cloth then wipe, not directly applying it on your glasses.  

  1. Handle with care
  2. Deep clean your glasses once in a while

Yes, treat it the way you would treat your brand new phone. First off, be careful of where you place your glasses. Avoid placing them by the sink or your dressing table, as little residues of hairspray, perfume, or powder can land on the glasses. Also, most glasses nowadays come with some sort of coating, such as anti-reflective coating. Never use anything that contains ammonia, vinegar, and bleach to clean the lenses, as these harsh substances can strip away the coating. In other words, just stick with soap and water if you don’t want to purchase a special cleaning liquid for glasses. And then, there are those things that everybody knows (but doesn’t always do): don’t place your glasses on their lenses, put your glasses in a hard case while travelling, don’t expose your glasses to heat, and take your glasses off with two hands.   An ultrasonic cleaner can thoroughly and effectively clean the entire glasses. Treat your glasses to a deep clean session once every six months, and they will come out good as new. Most opticians will have an ultrasonic cleaning device and will gladly offer the cleaning service for free. The process only takes a few minutes so don’t put it off any longer!

  Although glasses are not meant to last forever, but with the right care its usability can be greatly extended, and this will definitely save you a lot of time and money. Hope that you now know how to take care of glasses. You can also learn on how to get rid of green dirt on nose pad. So keep your glasses clean people, don’t let that smudge or scratch hinder the beauty of the world that you are seeing.