In Pott Glasses, we believe there is no a “one-size-fit-all” solution.

Everyone has a different set of vision problems. Coupled with different lifestyle and working environment, a personalised eye test is the right way to solve the problems.

This month our focus is to help glasses wearer with sensitive eyes and high astigmatism to see better.

Kindly choose the outlet that you prefer to go and fill in the appointment form in the following page.

Anne Sze Yen

A really pleasant experience I had with Sally. She was really attentive and detailed in catering to my needs, even giving advices on how to take care of my eyes. Best part was that she even followed up with me after a week of wearing the glasses. They know what they do 😉

HweeFern Tan

I would rate Pott Glasses as my best optical shop so far. Accidentally broke my glasses during this FMCO, went here and met Aquila. He was so patience trying to find me a frame that could fit my old lenses, but unfortunately there was no suitable frame. So, I decided to go for a new frame and lenses. Glad that I went here, and got my new glasses (P/S: not my usual style but surprisingly it suits me really well).