Hartamas Optical Shop – Pott Glasses 4th Outlet!

Hartamas Optical Shop

Hey guys, we are coming to Desa Sri Hartamas! And we are super excited about this!

sri hartamas optical shop

Artist impression of Hartamas Optical Shop (Pott Glasses 4th outlet) If you have not heard about us, here’s a brief introduction about us.

Pott Glasses is a local eyewear brand founded by two young guys who are passionate about eye glasses. Hau, one of the co-founders believes that everyone can look good in glasses, and even more presentable in glasses. He believes that wearing glasses can help to portray a clean and smart image of oneself. Hoong, a senior optician and also the other co-founder is very particular when it comes to performing eye check and dispensing glasses. 9 years in the optical industry teaches him the importance of performing eye test based on wearer’s lifestyles and focuses on solving problems.

Stylish and trendy glasses for Asians

Most of our eye glasses are of Asian fit. Meaning to say, they are designed to fit well on Asian’s complexion. We want our customers to feel comfortable wearing our glasses and be confident wearing them. We often look for latest trend and inspiration so that we are up to date with the current trend and equipped with knowledge on how to help customer to choose the right pair of glasses.

Apart from thorough eye check and optical styling, we strive to provide a peace of mind to our customers. To achieve that, we have a 14 days “prescription guaranteed” policy. This policy comes in place where customers get to try out the prescription glasses for 14 days. Should the customer encounter any issue, we will re-do the eye check if necessary and remake a new pair. Essentially, this is to ensure customer satisfaction with their glasses.

One pair for you, one pair for the underprivileged

On top of all these services and stylish glasses, we also give back to society. For every pair of glasses sold, we donate a pair to the underprivileged community.

We go to the rural schools to perform eye check for the students individually, obtain the prescription that suit them, and prescribe the glasses for them. We believe that clear vision is vital in a child learning journey, thus should have a pair of themselves if necessary. To date, we have donated 1556 pairs of glasses. Our upcoming campaign, “Back To School” aims to help 100 students to get glasses in January 2019 so that they get to enjoy the learning throughout the year. Our Desa Sri Hartamas optical shop will be opening in December 2018, ready to serve the community!

Review from our customers

AI Siew

Can I just say that Pott Glasses have officially raised the bar with optometry customer service. Old timers ought to learn a thing or two from these guys. My vision may not be 20/20 but third customer care sure is.

AI Siew


Rin Zhen

Found out about Pott Glasses through my brother. Made an appointment as I was concerned about my vision lately. With a very thorough and detailed explanation by Sunny, I found that I’ve understood more about my eyes than I did before. He was very honest about the prices(affordable af and worth every dollar, btw), and gave me a real rundown on all the lenses, allowing me to choose instead of forcing me to get something without explaining to me why. Before, I’ve never found frames that fitted my face but through reccie by both Sunny and a friend, I finally found a frame that I actually liked and looked good on me. The service was great, and I appreciated that this trip to the SS15 branch was comfortable, informative and not overwhelming. The frames were done a day earlier than promised, and that gets an extra A++�� Kudos to the team! A brand I’d totes reccie to friends and family. #sapotlokal

Rin Zhen


Jason Chong

Very satisfied with their service and professionalism. I bought a spec from them, however I accidentally broke the nosepad. Went back to the shop, their friendly assistant, replaced my nosepad without any charges. Would highly recommend for those who wants to get high quality specs with an affordable price.

Jason Chong