H4R Eye Clinic for Refugees

31st of January 2016, H4R (Healthcare for Refugees) started by MMK Malaysia (Migrant Ministry Klang) was able to initiate an eye clinic for refugees with sight problems in Pasar Borong Community Center at Selayang, Malaysia.

As sight is one of our God-given gifts to appreciate his excellence, every human being deserve a chance to basic healthcare like eye examinations to ensure a prosperous and blessed life. On this basis, H4R has partnered with the Lions Clubs International, a community building group since 1917 and Potts Glasses whom has kindly donated more than a 100 pairs of glasses for this project.

Unable to receive public or private medical help due to the lack of money and the non-existent healthcare provided to refugees, these people have problematic visions for a long time. Suffering from short and long sightedness to cataracts to daily headaches, about 85 refugees from Pakistan, Myanmar and the Rohingya community showed up to have their eyes checked and a new glasses made by our hardworking volunteers.

The eye clinic required that a refugee do a Snellen eye chart test to affirm that the patient has reading problems. If confirmed, the patient will go through a registration process that will enable them for further testing.

After registration, the refugees went through further testing by two eye examination machines, both provided and operated by the Lion Clubs International. One is the CT-80, a tonometer machine that accesses the pressure of the eyes which has been causing the patient to suffer from pain and headaches. If required a more accurate insight into the pressure of the eyes are done by a handheld tonometer. A second machine, the RM-8000B an auto refractor that tests for the power of a person’s visual acuity, was also available for patients that are hard of seeing.

After the intensive tests, the patients consulted two student volunteers optometrist whom will fitted them with the right degree of power for their new spectacles. Refugee patients that face more severe problems were referred to an eye clinic for further examinations under supervision of Lions Club International.

After at least half an hour of waiting, examinations and worries; the refugees were finally able to pick their new pair of spectacle frame that will be fitted by the student volunteers who are still undergoing their optometric studies. The refugees’ information, test results and chosen spectacle frame will then be brought back by the student volunteers to have their new pair of eye glasses prepared for collection on the 5th of March 2016.

In the three and the half hours, refugees and volunteers rubbed shoulders; one in the hopes of receiving the most necessary basic healthcare that will restore a little dignity back in their difficult situation, and the other to give up the little time they have in the hopes to bring back a little sense of joy for the suffering refugees.

source : http://www.mmkmalaysia.org/uncategorized/h4r-eye-clinic-for-refugees-january-31-2016/