Glasses for dad

If you are considering to get dad a pair of new glasses, here are some tips for you. There are 4 types of glasses in general.

  1. Short sightedness : helps him to see far distance clearly
  2. Reading glasses : helps him to read clearly (especially whatsapps and waze)
  3. Multifocal : combination of both, provides the most convenience
  4. Sunglasses : cool vision under the sun, and also protection from UV

Now come a more concerning topic : what type of frame suits him?

When it comes to choosing frame, you need to know what type of glasses he likes, after all he will be wearing it most of the time. However, father being father, he is fine with anything. And now, it’s your time to help him on image makeover! How cool is that! Let us guide you on choosing glasses frames for dad.

1. Stainless steel or titanium frame This type of frame is perfect for contemporary look. If your dad holds an office job, this type of frame definitely goes well with formal attire. Besides, these frames are very light, thus very comfortable to wear.

2. Acetate full frame Acetate full frame is very durable, and the most special thing about this type of frame is the fine finishing and color, especially tortoiseshell. Since the color is embedded in the material, it does not fade off easily. Want your dad to look like Robert Downey Jr? This is the frame to go! p/s : wrong matching with outfit can make one looks slightly older.

3. Thin frame Like old days, metal thin frame is the symbolic frame for dad. The golden and silver finishing add nothing but class and intelligence to dad. He definitely looks like a wise man (which he already is)

  4. TR or ultem frame This type of frame is light and durable. If your dad has an active lifestyle, this will suit him. It can stand multiple drops and still remain in good condition. Besides, due to its sporty looks, this frame makes him feels younger.

Generally we’d suggest to go for rectangular shape because it is easier to accept. But we also encourage you to try something different for your dad! After all, he likes anything from you. Better still if it’s something that attract attention’s from his friends, so that he can show off his father’s day present! teeheeeee