Glasses Donation at SMK Pasir Putih

It’s been close to 6 months since I first joined Pott Glasses. I find that the company is very different from other optical shops. Whether it be the culture or the directions or the things that we do here. I was very excited to finally be able to join the team to run the One for One donation campaign. This is a charity campaign whereby for every pair of glasses sold, we will donate another pair to underprivileged people. This time, we have decided to held a glasses donation at SMK Pasir Putih.

Collaboration with Teach Malaysia on spreading kindness.

This time round, collaborating with Teach For Malaysia, we held the glasses donation campaign in SMK Pasir Putih. We wanted to help students with vision problem, pairticularly those who need vision correction. As it’s my first time joining the donation drive, I was clueless on what to pack and all the logistic stuff. I realised that it has never been easy to carry out a donation campaign as there are many things that we need to consider. The commitment from each of us is crucial to make sure the entire program to be on track.

We headed down to Pasir Gudang at night and had proper rest at a budget hotel. The next day, we reached at 9:30am and started the work non stop all the way to 5pm. Everything was so new to me. I learned how to set up mobile eye test, how to arrange crowd, and how to manage the flow. One thing really struck me was how poor the students’ visions are and worse still, they couldn’t afford to buy themselves glasses.

In between, we found that were around 50 students with eye power of the medium high range, that is roughly between -3.00 to -4.00. How bad is this power without glasses? It means anything more than 3 meters are pretty blur. I couldn’t help but feel empathy towards the students. Vision like this without glasses does not only affect their learning, it also posses big impact to their life as well. Imagine going through daily activities withou a clear vision. I am really glad that we did the campaign. It was exhausting but definitely worth it.

Be grateful for what we have and reflect it on the others in need.

During the journey back to KL, I started to reflect a lot on myself after this glasses donation campaign at SMK Pasir Putih. Sometimes we are really lucky to have comfortable life. I still remember when I first experienced blurry vision, I was brought to the spectacle shop to have my eyes checked. Never in my life that I know there are people out there who couldn’t get glasses when their visions are bad. I think we should be more active in running the glasses donation campaigns to help as many people as possible.  

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