getting a pair of multifocal

2 important questions in buying multifocal

Whether you are trying out multifocal glasses for the first time or thinking to change for a new pair, there are only 2 questions bothering you.

  1. Is it useful?
  2. How much does it cost?

We use a simple sentence to answer the first question.

With a pair of multifocal that is properly prescribed for you, you will be able to see far and near easily without needing to remove or adjust the glasses.

If this does not seem to matter to you, there is no need to get a pair of multifocal or even change for a new one.

The second question : pricing.

Why are some multifocal so expensive? Should you choose a low end or high end? Does the brand affect the quality?

All in all, quality of multifocal is translated into the price.

But the golden rule is : never over pay or under pay.

Generally here is the guide for the multifocal.

If you pay lower than the price, it may be not suitable for you.

If you pay more than the price, you may have paid for something that is not necessary.

The critical question : How much is it?

In Pott Glasses, we emphasise a lot in personalised eye check and problem solving. Every wearer has different requirement and expectation in getting glasses. Our optometrist will do a thorough check to understand wearer’s lifestyle before prescribing multifocal.

If you would like to get a proper eye check or find out more about multifocal glasses, feel free to make an appointment with our optometrists in the form below.

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