Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses

If you’ve been wearing glasses for sometime, chances are you have faced this problem over and over again: how to find the perfect pair of glasses? Don’t worry, let us assure you that you’re not alone. This indeed is a difficult task, for one your image is tide closely to the shape of frame you wear. There are some general guidelines to finding the perfect pair of glasses. Instead of jumping straight into the wide collections of glasses available in the market, ask yourself few questions:

Instead of jumping straight into the wide collections of glasses available in the market, first, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do I wear glasses for casual or for work?
  2. What face shape do I have?
  3. What is my prescription range?
  4. How do I like to wear?

What’s next?

As you can see, the occasion of wearing glasses is the first question you should ask yourself. Well, at least this is what we believe. We believe that everyone can pull off every kind of glasses, the matter is for what occasion one wears the glasses. Round glasses will definitely give you geek and artsy look, while a more rectangular one is more acceptable in professional line. Oversize glasses are normally for casual wear. With regard to the face shape, the normal and easy guide is to follow the contrast rule. Round face square glasses and vice versa. How about heart shape, or oval? You see, it’s kinda hard to tell what kind of face shape you have if you have neither square nor round. The good news is, every other shape suits you (don’t be so rigid and complicate your life) Next, prescription. This is easy. The higher your prescription, the smaller frame you should get. By doing so, the lens will be thinner and lighter too! So what’s the range of prescription? Ask your optician (or us, we are happy to assist :D) Lastly, put on your usual outfit before you go to the optical store. You can immediately visualize how that pair of glasses matches your daily outfit. Matte color can normally blend in easily while glossy finishing frames give you a fresher look.

While these guidelines may help you find the apple of your eye, you could seek suggestions or help from our staff in the store, we are more than happy to help in finding your perfect pair of glasses. Make an appointment with us now!