Pott Glasses February New Arrivals

Presenting one of our new arrivals in February, transparent frames.

This month, it’s all about the new and cool eyewear choices you get when you enter any of our stores. Why so? Because we’ve got February new arrivals in our Pott Glasses flagship store!

You could expect to see transparent frames that seem to have gained popularity once again in the store now. It’s time to up the staying with glasses game. Other than that, we also have our oversized pieces range from medium to large size, to match different face shapes and of course, a few of our signatures that includes the club master, one that never goes out of style.

Whether you gravitate towards a funky style, like it casual or a loyal follower of certain trends, these pieces will be your new favourites. That is all? Of course not. The best part is that every eyewear in this series is unisex. So switch it up with bae once in a while (if you guys have the exact same power) to spice things up. Otherwise, it still looks just as good.

Showing our classic signatures which could be worn by both genders.

Pay a visit at the Pott Glasses store to check out our February new arrivals now. Too much hassle to travel? You could simply go onto our product webpage to shop as well. Just hit here.