ESG initiative 2 : OPTICS OF HOPE

Introducing Optics of Hope: Restoring Vision, Preserving Our Planet

At Optics of Hope, we believe in the power of second chances—for both people and the planet. Through our innovative initiative, we refurbish old glasses and provide them to those in need, making a meaningful impact on both vision-impaired individuals and the environment we all call home.

In a world where countless pairs of glasses end up forgotten in drawers or discarded, we saw an opportunity to create positive change. By refurbishing and repurposing these forgotten treasures, we breathe new life into them and extend their usefulness to those who need them most.

Why is this initiative so crucial? Not only does it restore the gift of clear vision to individuals who may otherwise be unable to afford proper eyewear, but it also champions sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Think about it—by giving new purpose to old glasses, we reduce the demand for new manufacturing. This, in turn, minimizes the extraction of raw materials, the consumption of energy, and the generation of waste. By doing so, we take a significant step towards preserving our planet’s resources and mitigating the impact of excessive production.

Optics of Hope invites you, fellow corporations, to join us in this remarkable endeavor that is also aligned with your ESG initiatives.


We receive old glasses from customers and corporations.

We filter out glasses that are in good condition and start restoring.

Refurbished glasses will be donated to those in need as a spare pair together with a new glasses.


Collect 3000 pairs of old glasses

Organise 3 talks on sustainable fashion

Let’s connect at [email protected] to further explore more of this and how optical benefit for employee can contribute to this cause.


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