Dos and Don’ts During Chinese New Year

With CNY coming up in a couple of weeks, the preparations of getting new clothes, decorating and spring cleaning has begun. However, many of us may stray away from the ancient customs that have been told to either bring us or sweep away prosperity, so we’ve gathered up a few dos and don’ts during Chinese New Year to keep you on the good path.

  • DOS
    • Paying your debts before the auspicious day
    • Wearing and decorating the house in red
    • Making sure the windows are open to allow fresh air in (believed to bring luck)
    • Have a family reunion on the eve of CNY
    • Greet everyone with happy wishes
    • Starting the day by eating something sweet
    • Staying up on the eve of CNY (believed to bring about longevity of your parents)    
  • DON’TS
    • Sweeping the floors on the 1st day of CNY
    • Washing your hair on the 1st day of CNY
    • Consuming any medicines
    • Breaking any pieces of equipment
    • Avoid wearing white or black outfits
    • Borrowing or lending money    
Chinese New Year Gif

While there is a bunch of dos and don’ts during Chinese New Year, the fun that we are going to have is a whole lot more. Don’t let these taboos chase away the fun part of Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!