Don’t feel stuck, follow the voice within.

I believe life is a mix and match between positive thinking, self-motivation, taking chances and having the courage to follow your heart. Some people raise their eyebrows when I say I’ve been in the e-commerce industry for the last 4 years with 4 different companies. They question my interest and goals in life. In my opinion, hop around while you are still young. Finding for a job is like finding for your one true love! Some of them hit the home run as fresh graduates, some of us take 5 years or more to find the perfect match. My advice would be to go ahead, experience something that is close to your passion and promise you will commit 200% while you are at it. If is not meant to be, it’s okay to let go because you are meant for bigger and greater things out there. Don’t feel stuck, follow the voice within. Life’s an exciting journey to never settle for less – career and love. PS: I’ve found ‘THE ONE’.