Types of trendy round glasses in Malaysia

Round glasses have been around for many years, in fact it was the shape of the first glasses invented by Benjamin Franklin. It used to be viewed as old-fashioned or vintage glasses for the elderly. However, in the past 5 years, we see that the younger generation especially young adults are eager to try out round glasses.

Round glasses nowadays resemble creativity, artisan, geek, and strong personality. Rather than finding glasses that match the face shape, round glasses are meant to create unique look as mentioned earlier. The fun part about round glasses is that regardless of face shape, occupation, age or gender, wearing round glasses turn you into another person.

Let’s see the different types of round glasses and the image it helps to portray.

Perfect round glasses

Perfect round glasses is among the hardest to pull off. This is because this type of glasses is generally narrower and smaller than the average glasses. For perfect round shape, the diameter has to be similar, thus if the horizontal diameter were to be wider, the vertical diameter will be taller, making it looks funny. Therefore, most of the perfect round frame comes in narrow size. Because of this size issue, it makes you look nerdy and geek. However, there are people who like this type of look. The iconic celebrities who pull this well are Steve Jobs and Harry Potter.

Unless you are keen in creating the exact look like Steve Jobs or Harry Potter, we suggest you to choose round frame that is not perfectly round. It can be oval, flat top or with some edges. We will show them in the examples below.

Thin metal round glasses

This type of round frame is very famous among the Asians. Thanks to Korean pop community and Japanese minimalist style, thin metal round glasses becomes a trend in past 3 years. Thin metal round frame is the most versatile among all. It is suitable for almost everyone to portray a clean and minimalist look. Matching this type of frame with plain outfit, be it formal or casual give you a pleasant look.

trendy thin round glasses

From left to right : Aida, Leslie, Roanne

In recent year, 2019 in particular, thin metal round glasses come with more decorative elements and finishing. We start to see titanium as material, rose gold, mixed color and even some with acetate. These more decorated thin metal round frame is suitable for louder outfit. It is not as minimalist compared to the uni color design.

Decorated thin metal : Bath

Transparent round glasses

Transparent or clear round frame ride on the trend of transparent glasses. Generally transparent glasses portrays a modern, contemporary and even futuristic look. It is suitable for people with light skin tone as it blends well with the face. Since transparent glasses itself is not very suitable for formal occasion, with round shape, it adds even more fun to the glasses. So transparent round glasses are really for you who want to be in the frontier of fashion or want to match your streetwear outfit.

Do note that apart from high quality transparent glasses that are made of acetate, the plastic or ultem transparent glasses will turn yellowish as time goes. So it is worth to invest in a higher quality glasses.

lady transparent round frame

From left to right : Shannon, Tammy | By Pott Glasses : Daventry , Harrow

Transparent round glasses

By Pott Glasses : Gateshead

Thick round glasses

If you are looking for old-school look, thick round frame will be the ideal choice. This type of round frame is generally wider too. At one point of time, it was very popular among mens as it portrayed vintage and classic look. It was also popular among the ladies especially when they did not put on make up or on a casual outing, ladies loved to wear thick round frame. It is however a little behind the trend now. Nonetheless, it is still a good option if it’s your first time trying round frame because it is always safe and conservative.

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