Pott Glasses uses the finest material with vintage and contemporary inspirations to manufacture our products. Our eyeglasses are mainly made of Mazzucchelli acetate which is stronger, easier to adjust and anti-allergic. This high quality material originates from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers, both renewable. Instead of spraying on the colours, they are embedded in the material, giving it incredible color-fastness and assuring that it will never fade or chip. The result is a smooth, flawless product with the perfect weight.

Design meets practicality: Apart from acting as both eyeglasses and a fashionable accessory, our glasses are of impeccable quality. We emphasise  on craftsmanship and asian-fit designs. We want our glasses do not only look nice, but fit nicely too on your face. Every pair of glasses is handmade, to ensure that the finishing are close to flawless. Logo is engraved coated with gold ink to give that extra boost in style.

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