20, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Seri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603-6211 6300
Mail: [email protected]
Business Day: Monday – Sunday
Business Hour: 11:00am – 9:00pm 

Siew FongSiew Fong
09:26 19 May 24
I'm grateful with service & explaination provided by Estelle. She is quite experience and sharing few tips how about vision even glasses. It is good to know as user. I am happy with overall services & surely will recomended family to come over here as well.
Gareth PereiraGareth Pereira
03:38 19 May 24
Friendly and very helpful
Keith ChanKeith Chan
11:30 16 May 24
Great service from Yen while purchasing 2 pairs of glasses. He is patient and assisted us for frame selection.
Kar Chung YapKar Chung Yap
09:38 14 May 24
Good services and nice staff
Eunice ChuahEunice Chuah
06:44 13 May 24
Great service from Yen at Potts Glasses. Very thoughtful and detail oriented while helping choose a frame for me. Would definately recommend them
ang yeeshingang yeeshing
03:29 13 May 24
Estelle was very professional and took great care in finding glasses that fit our face shape. In my case, my myopia is very severe. The store staff will accurately measure the thickness of the lens to let you know, and then recommend which style is suitable for this situation. Anyway, I am very satisfied🤓
05:25 12 May 24
Very attentive , good problem solvingThanks Estelle
ck wongck wong
04:41 12 May 24
No other optical shop before could solve the problems I faced.This pott glasses really solved my vision problemThere are so many choices of glasses and the quality is really goodI will definitely introduce my friends and colleagues to come and experience it.Thanks to yen and estelle for their professional serviceI wish pott glasses a prosperous business and great success. . .
Louis WonLouis Won
03:50 12 May 24
Did 2 pairs of glass here.Yen provides a good service to help to choose the spectacles that fit my face.Kudos, definitely will recommend friend to come here for their glasses
11:08 03 May 24
Good service and their staff are very polite. The glasses are very trendy.
Shereen TeohShereen Teoh
12:13 01 May 24
Staff very detailed, wiling to assist customer through lens & frame choices.
13:00 28 Apr 24
“Good experience! The staff was friendly and incredibly helpful, and the service was quick and efficient. Really appreciated the extra care given by Estelle (optician) and being overly patient with me to ensure I get the proper eye care. Highly recommend this place for anyone looking for quality services for eye care”
Denny ThomasDenny Thomas
06:49 28 Apr 24
Great experience… second time am visiting them … Thanks Team Potts!!!!
Tricia LeeTricia Lee
07:41 25 Apr 24
Totally satisfied with the service provided. They were so patient to explain about multi focal lens. Thorough measurements were accurately done. So happy with my new multifiocal glasses. Thank you May & Yen
Mandy ChuaMandy Chua
05:44 21 Apr 24
Good service Good Environment and Helpful especially Estelle and YenOne of the things I like is that they offer to help me choose the right glasses for me.This helps me solve my problem of choice difficulty.
Charlie WongCharlie Wong
05:43 21 Apr 24
Very good service and professional team especially Ms Estelle and Mr Yen. Very good environment and comfortable branches and reasonable prices.
qii Xiaoqii Xiao
07:11 20 Apr 24
Good service
Ivan LiewIvan Liew
04:30 16 Apr 24
It’s a unique experience here to get my glasses down, I was served by Yen and he was great all throughout, highly recommend anyone to get their glasses made here!
Qin Ying LimQin Ying Lim
11:42 15 Apr 24
Very good services by Estelle and they recommend the frame based on my face shape. Wide selection on the glasses frame 👍🏻 Definitely recommend if you’re looking to buy new glasses!
Yi Sean LeeYi Sean Lee
11:22 14 Apr 24
Very good experience. May (optometrist) very professional and helpful 👍
Fu DavisFu Davis
11:00 14 Apr 24
Good services, nice staff(yen)…
06:55 13 Apr 24
Hau Lik LeeHau Lik Lee
03:25 11 Apr 24
Great service from the staff. Eric has explain and help me to choose the frame that suitable for me. Would definitely come again in the future.
Vivien HewVivien Hew
10:05 10 Apr 24
Very satisfied with the service and eye test.
nicole siewnicole siew
12:23 08 Apr 24
Thank you for the Very good service and information
09:13 08 Apr 24
First time visit, good experience.Service by Yen and jing yun. They both give details explanation and guide to choosing and care of glasses.Highly recommend
john leongjohn leong
08:38 08 Apr 24
Service here are excellent, very good in explanation for the glass n also the frame.. Price here is reasonable too.. For intro some more got free sun glasses 👍👍
Jasmin ZainalJasmin Zainal
13:03 03 Apr 24
10/10, was super helpful and explained what shape and size fits my face, highly recommend this branch to others!
Hann GanHann Gan
08:20 02 Apr 24
Great value & service!
Cheryl NgCheryl Ng
11:48 29 Mar 24
Have been wearing their specs for 1 year now, specs is still in good condition. Very good customer service from Eric, he helped me choose according to my facial features and lifestyle. I come back time to time to clean and service my specs , Jing Yun have been very helpful with that. Very much recommended.
Puva RajPuva Raj
09:13 29 Mar 24
A very good experience getting my glasses. Thanks to Eric for a professional service. Highly recommend
Kean Han LimKean Han Lim
11:30 28 Mar 24
Jing yun good service 👍👍
Teoh Pei YiTeoh Pei Yi
12:25 24 Mar 24
Overall great experience!Well explanation and services from the team.Went thru the eye test in detailed and managed to get a suitable spec for myself. They provide after sales services for free as well👍 Thanks Pott Glasses!
Agnes ChanAgnes Chan
11:11 24 Mar 24
Good experience at Sri Hartamas Branch. Optical stylish, Marc C and Eric were helpful in getting a suitable spectacle to me. Will come visit next time!
Alex TeohAlex Teoh
04:09 23 Mar 24
Good and attentive service. They take the time to understand and work to meet the needs best. Estelle did her best to serve me. Good experience.
10:54 16 Mar 24
nice place and good service
Veronica QuahVeronica Quah
08:37 16 Mar 24
Great service and friendly staffs! Finally got glasses that fits my face ✨
Keat Yaw LowKeat Yaw Low
05:55 16 Mar 24
Recently paid a visit to pott glasses sri hartamas branch to get a new pair of glasses. Love that they always go the extra mile by giving additional services (such as suggestions on type of frames that suit my face shape, the style that suits my lifestyle etc.) Also their advise on my current eye sight condition is super helpful too.Highly recommended to visit pott glasses if you are looking for glasses or eye test etc.
04:53 16 Mar 24
The experience of getting glasses here was very good both times. Very professional and patient in answering my questions. The environment is also very comfortable and there are many types of glasses.
Weiwei ChiamWeiwei Chiam
05:06 10 Mar 24
Came here for eye test and Estelle is so friendly and helpful
John KimJohn Kim
04:07 06 Mar 24
had an outstanding experience at Potts Glasses! Their customer service is exceptional, and I appreciate how they take the time to tailor the perfect glasses to complement your appearance. The staff explained everything thoroughly, making it a truly enjoyable shopping experience. Without a doubt, the best glasses shop I've ever been to. I'll be recommending it to all my friends!
Ah HaoAh Hao
09:16 03 Mar 24
It’s my very first time to visit this branch and desperate look for Estelle, her service was really tip top, 1 by 1 explain patiently. Highly recommended!
Theresa MakTheresa Mak
07:35 24 Feb 24
Bought a multifocal spec from this branch served by Eric who gave indepth explanation to various lens available in market and pricing suitable to budget. Got my pair within 1week ordering. My inquiry thru WHATSAPP also replied promptly. Thanks Eric and team for their superb service.
Tipphawan WongTipphawan Wong
10:54 28 Jan 24
I went there at 7pm after booking the appointment on the same day. Great service from a professional team! They not only helped recommend suitable glasses but also measured your face for the best recommendations.
Alyson NgAlyson Ng
04:19 05 Nov 23
Often come here to service my glasses that I bought here 3 years ago. Love that the changing of nose pad service is free. Staffs are always very helpful and friendly. The glasses designs they offer look really cool too. Looking forward to getting a new pair of glasses here again!
Vivian naiviVVivian naiviV
11:01 12 Aug 23
Had a decent experience getting my new pair of glasses replaced! Staff was helpful to assist! Happy purchase 😊
Wanderluster AbyssWanderluster Abyss
08:31 26 Jul 23
Great staffs here! Very friendly and attentive since my first glasses purchase up to my regular adjustments/ usual upkeep visits👌 all glasses frames here are in trend and stylish and place is cozy and welcoming!
Wandering MemmoWandering Memmo
08:21 20 Jul 23
I needed new glasses and came across Pott Glasses as I was walking by. The experience Eric and his female staff provided for me was excellent! They helped explain to me the condition of my eyes and suggested the right type of lenses and power for me. After I got my glasses Eric always kept me updated on how my condition was as my power increase a lot and if I needed any adjustment to come by anytime so I may be at comfort. If you need glasses please come by to this branch, the staff will help you with everything.
Sonya LimSonya Lim
11:42 31 May 23
One of the employees, Eric offered a really good service. He's friendly, helpful, and take the time to listen to and address any questions or concerns I have. The atmosphere within the shop is comfortable and inviting, with a clean and organized layout. I feel welcomed and valued.
Kong Zhen HongKong Zhen Hong
11:27 22 Mar 23
I recently purchased a new pair of specs, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase and the great service I received from Pott Glasses Sri Hartamas. The design is sleek and modern, and the fit is incredibly comfortable. The lenses are crystal clear, providing me with excellent vision no matter the lighting conditions.What really impressed me, though, was the outstanding customer service I experienced with Eric. He was quick to respond to my inquiries with a attitude of friendly, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in making sure I was satisfied with my purchase. The specs were also delivered promptly within 3 days and arrived in perfect condition.One thing I really appreciate about these specs is the attention to detail in the construction. The materials feel high quality and durable, and the hinges and screws are solidly built, making me confident that these specs will last me for years to come.Overall, I highly recommend Pott Glasses to anyone in the market for a new pair. They're stylish, comfortable, well-made, and come with top-notch customer service, making them an excellent investment in both fashion and function."I hope this helps!
If I could rate more than 5 stars then I would. The service is exceptional, from booking an appointment, to the consultation all of of it was a breeze. The consultants made sure we were very comfortable and made sure that I selected the right glasses according to my face shape.
Yin Qi LohYin Qi Loh
08:29 03 Mar 23
Eric is very helpful equipped with essential sense of fashion. He is professional and I highly recommend everyone to try out their service and product here. Frame and lenses are affordable and welly done.
Azim JameelAzim Jameel
12:13 15 Feb 23
Came over as i was curious about Pott Glasses through their IG ads. Eric their optic stylist was very professional, helpful and patient to help me find a pair of glasses that I was comfortable and confident with. Would highly recommend dropping by with an appointment for a visit!
Violet LimViolet Lim
08:32 01 Jan 23
Overall, good experience at Pott Glasses which located at Sri Hartamas. Honest and trustworthy optician, very good services. Provide good explanations and will give recommendations on which type of the spectacles are more suitable to you based on your face shape, your career professional and etc. The charges is reasonably as well. Recommended!
Le Sean OngLe Sean Ong
06:04 19 Sep 22
A very pleasant experience dealing with staff at Pott Glasses. Carefully explain my eye condition, helped me with my styling and choosing the proper frame according to my size. Made a pair a months ago and now collecting my second pair of frame with Pott Glasses. Continue the good service!
peter honpeter hon
07:56 20 Aug 22
Great experience at this branch! The staff, Eric was extremely helpful, he even recommeded frames which are suitable for your lifestyle, face shape. Reasonable price, excellent service!
Nura AzmanNura Azman
12:10 10 Aug 22
I’m not really the kind of person who would give reviews here in google. Ain’t got no time 😂 but this, I had to. Because I love their after-sale service. Very warm, friendly and accommodating. I broke mine and they replace a new glasses for free, additionally with a new spectacle case. Like whutttt
Jun MSJun MS
10:35 12 Jun 22
Eric is patient and professional in explaining to us on the type of glasses to wear. He also shared tips on how to take care of the eye sight to avoid further strain. Good customer experienced.
Marissa Anne GMarissa Anne G
10:14 21 May 22
Not only do they have an excellent range of glasses & contacts lens to choose from, they’re always absolutely ace in service! When I had a hard time choosing a frame, Ken recommended the pair I now wear and constantly get complemented for! I’ve also had a few (I’ll have to admit kinda ridiculous) demands for them & they’ve never once failed to come through. Loyal customer for life!
08:23 05 Apr 22
Visited Pott Glasses after seeing their amazing reviews here and indeed they did not disappoint. From the initial consultation to collecting my glasses, it was truly a great experience overall. Ken was super patient and helpful from our first visit, not to mention he has a good eye for choosing the perfect pair as well. Gave great advice and recommendations on glasses that best suit my face, style and personal preference. Currently loving my new glasses, will definitely return in the future!


Our Hartamas branch is located on the same row as Mei by Fat Spoon, just 1 shop away.