Do your eyes get tired after long day of work?

Do you work in front of computer very often?

Time to say goodbye to headache and tiring eyes. You will enjoy the comfort with anti blue light lens

What is anti blue light lens

Anti blue light lens is a type of optical lens that either reflects away or cut off the blue light from computer and electronic devices.

Why does it reflect way the blue light

  • The blue light is present under the sunlight. It serves an important role in regulating the melatonin hormone which essentially a vital hormone that acts as the human body clocks.
  • However, the artificial light source from computer has very high intensity of blue light.
  • This blue light can penetrate into human eyes and accelerate macular degeneration that affects the vision.
  • Also, over expose to blue light can disturb the body clock, which makes us hard to fall asleep at the correct time.

Who should use this lens

Anyone who faces computer or digital devices for long hour should use it. It serves as a protective layer to the eyes.

How it benefits wearer

Healthier eye sight

Research shows that blue ray causes macular degeneration, a form of vision impairment. By cutting off the harmful blue ray from you smartphone and laptop, your eyes will definitely be healthier and lower the risk.


Better contrast

Compared to normal clear lens, anti blue light lens provides better color contrast. This is especially obvious at night, helps you to drive confidently after work too.

Comfortable vision

With long hour staring at computer, your eyes will definitely get tired. anti blue light lens come with slight yellowish tint that is able to dim down the brightness, thus providing comfortable vision.


Customer Reviews


Feeling so much better with the anti blue light lens computer glasses. I spend practically 10 hours in front fo computer as a graphic design and I have to say computer glasses is really helpful. And it’s sharp especially at night driving!

Jason Chong

Very satisfied with their service and professionalism. I bought a spec from them, however I accidentally broke the nose pad. Went back to the shop, their friendly assistant, replaced my nosepad without any charges. Would highly recommend for those who wants to get high quality specs with an affordable price.

Jason Chong

Paired with stylish frame

Just like any other prescription lens, computer lens can be paired with all type of frames and wear it on a day to day basis. Here are just some references.