How to protect eyes from computer blue light? To buy computer glasses or not?

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Can computer glasses protect eyes from computer blue light? Read on to learn more about eyecare and computer eyewear protection. Long hours of computer usage can cause computer vision syndrome. There is no one specific problem of (CVS) Computer Vision Syndrome. In fact, there are few problems such as dry eyes, blurred vision, double vision, headache and eye irritation.
How to protect eyes from computer blue light by pott glasses malaysia
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Intro – Protect eyes from computer blue light

Why is this so? There are two major reasons to this. First is the harmful blue light and the glare from screen. Second is about eye accommodation.

1. Harmful blue light and glare

By now we have a common understanding that computer light source is considered artificial light from LED. In this light source, there is high intensity of blue ray, wavelength of range 380-453nm. Don’t get us wrong, this ray also exists in the sun light, where it acts as an indicator to tell our body about day and night. However, the intensity from computer screen is way higher, thus causing harm to our eyes. Thus, computer glasses with the function to cut away the ray will help to reduce the harm the ray does to us.

2. Eye accommodation

The idea is simple. Just like a metaphor to jogging, our legs get tired after long hour of jogging. Our leg muscles are working hard to keep up to the movement. Same as our eyes, the eye muscles are working hard to keep image in focused. We now go slightly deeper on how our eyes work. Read more here.

What is happening in our eyes now?

When this happen, computer vision syndrome (CVS) will kick in. You may start to feel headache, eye irritation and eye fatigue. This all due to too much work done by the eye muscle. Here is where a computer lens with intermediate prescription comes handy. Computer screens more often than not are situated 35 to 55 cm from the user’s eyes, which is considered the intermediate distance.

Solution – Protect eyes from computer with Computer Glasses

Computer lens eyeglasses come in ideal intermediate distance, with less negative power. When the overall negative power is lesser, your eye muscle do not work so hard to stay focus on near object, thus reducing the computer vision syndrome symptom (CVS). In fact, this prescription is sufficient to work well within the office area. However, if you are looking for a single pair that can work well for every range of vision, you might be better to stay with the distant power with blue coating lens. At least that helps to cut off the harmful blue rays.

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