Computer Glasses for Your Children

As a parent, you’ll do everything that is good for your children. Prepare breakfast to make sure that they eat healthily; send them to tuition classes so that they can learn more; bring them for vacation because you want them to enjoy their life; prepare an umbrella to cover them from rain, vitamin to build up their immune system and many more protections. However, you may have overlooked one thing, they use digital devices more than you did when you were younger. In fact, children are now inseparable from digital devices. All these tablet, smartphone, laptop etc, as much as they make the kids life more interesting and colorful, these devices do cause harm to their eyes. Now, we’ve got a solution to offer: computer glasses for your children.

Before we go deeper, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do your children watch a lot of TV?

Chances are, they watch a lot of cartoon after schools. Well, please do not stop them from watching, but control the time instead. Watching TV for long hours can strain their eyes. However, with blue lens, they will find it more comfortable watching the show.

Children spending long hours in front of the TV.

Increasing usage of electronic devices of children for study purpose.

2. Do they use tablet?

E-learning trend is catching up which translates into time spent on the tablets. No doubt these interactive materials enhance the learning process, long hour spent using the tablets posses serious hazard to the eyes. Compared to the old days, you might not have even used digital devices at their age which may get you overlook this issue. Since their eyes are developing, the more their eyes should be protected.

3. They have Facebook, don’t they?

They do spend time posting status, looking at photos, just like you do. This again increases the time spent in front of the computer and smartphone.

Young kids using tablets that release blue lights that could harm their eyes.

4. Games, they love most!

This is probably the most convenient way to entertain your child, pass him the smartphone while you do your work. Playing game requires a lot of focus, and continuous hours facing the bright screen is bad to the eyes. Blue lens can help to reduce fatigue and help your child to adapt to harsh light easier.

So what do blue lens do?

  1. Blue lens prevent the blue light (High energy visible light, HEV) from harming the retina. Although this light is present under the sun, it’s intensity is higher in computer or digital devices which is bad to the eyes.
  2. Blue lens come with slight yellowish base which improve the vision contrast at night.
  3. Blue lens also provide more comfortable vision especially for heavy computer users.

After wearing computer lens, you will get the benefits below :

  • Cut off harmful blue ray from computer
  • Prevent high energy blue ray from harming the retina

  • Improve vision contrast
  • Overall warmer vision

  • Protective shield for the eyes
  • Comfortable vision compared to normal lens

Get your children their very pair of computer glasses today!

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