Childhood is the most important time to a child

I work in a charity organisation where I teach underprivileged children. My mother babysits kids when I was in secondary school. I guess that’s what makes me love kids very much. To me, childhood is the most important time to a child. If one does not have a healthy childhood, it will affect him for the rest of his life.

I remember there was this kid who came to us at the age of 9. He was very keen to learn. He’s curious about everything. He came from a broken family background; his father left the family when he was 9 and that was why he came to us. Now that he’s in secondary school, I’m glad to see him still studying hard. A deeper conversation with him allows me to understand more about his background. His mother was not given the opportunity to study from his grandfather but fortunately the same case does not happen to him. And I admire his mother a lot : for what she couldn’t get, she does not give up to allow the same thing to repeat. Despite having financial issue, she insists to send her children to school.