Anti Blue Light Glasses

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Anti blue light glasses is also know as computer glasses are gaining popularity in Malaysia. 4 out of 5 glasses wearers wear this type of glasses. You must have came across this type of glasses somewhere which lead you to this article. Here, rest assure that you will understand well about this type of glasses. We will share in depth on this blue light computer glasses using What, Why, How, Who and When.

1st generation computer glasses has blue coating on the surface of the lens which causes the blue reflection.

3rd generation computer glasses does not have that blue coating anymore and way more comfortable

What is anti blue light glasses

Blue light glasses or more specifically blue light lens is a type of lens that comes with an anti blue light coating on the surface of lens. It can come with prescription or without prescription. It can be cut and fit on any type of frame to turn into daily glasses.

Why do we use anti blue light glasses

The reason why blue light glasses is so popular nowadays is due to its ability to reflect away the harmful blue light from digital devices such as computer, laptop and smartphone. You know that UV is present under the sunlight, that is why wearing UV protected sunglasses helps to protect the eyes and prevent cataract. Same as UV, the blue light of wave length between 380nm to 453nm is present under sunlight. However, the intensity of the blue light from computer is so much higher that it could contribute to macular degeneration. The blue light can penetrate into the eyes and cause oxidation at the macular. Thus, it will be advisable to wear blue light glasses to prevent that from happening.

Anti blue light glasses also comes with slight yellowish tint which help to reduce the glare and improve contrast. Glaring screen can cause eye to get tired easily, so anti blue light glasses will come in handy to reduce tiring eyes.

How does it work

The blue coating (1st gen) or purplish/greenish coating (3rd gen) on the surface of the lens will reflect the harmful blue light from entering our eyes. This does not mean we will never see blue color after wearing the glasses. After all the wavelength of visible blue color and harmful blue light are different. The photo below illustrates how it works.

reflect blue light
Anti blue light computer glasses reflects away harmful blue light

5 hours of computer usage can be tiring to the eyes

Who should use anti blue light glasses

Anyone who uses computer or smartphone for more than 5 hours should consider using anti blue light glasses. Such long hour of exposure the computer light is not good for the eyes. So, why not protect your eyes by wearing this computer glasses?

For people with short or long sightedness, you can opt for the additional coating on top of the prescription lens. It cost between RM395 to RM595 for the whole set. For people who do not have eye sight problem but use computer a lot, you can buy the zero power one.

When should you wear it

You can wear it all the time. It does not affect your power. In fact, since the usage of electronic devices are getting more intense than ever, having your eyes protected from the blue light lens will be good. If you are facing laptop the whole day, you’re high recommended to wear the glasses rather than contact lens.

The yellowish tint helps to improve vision contrast will come handy under low light condition. So you may also want to wear this glasses when you’re driving at night.

Be good looking and protective at the same time!

The best part about this glasses is that you can use all kind of frame design to turn them into anti blue light computer glasses. You can check our cool collections here.

You can also make an appointment for an eye test and get consultation on blue light glasses at our outlets.