The Basics of Progressive Lenses – Malaysia

the basics of progressive lens

The basics of progressive lenses:

What is progressive lens? :

Progressive lenses is also known as multifocal are a type of optical lenses used to correct short sightedness and reading problem within the same lens. It can be fitted on any type of glasses frame, essentially turning it into progressive glasses.

Who needs progressive lens? : 

Progressive lenses are cater to people with presbyopia (老花), which is a common symptom among people from 40 years old and above who start to experience difficulty in reading. Progressive glasses provide convenience to wearer such that all ranges of vision are clear ie far (driving), intermediate (computer work), near (reading) with a single pair of glasses.

Why is it good? :

Simply because progressive glasses provide convenience to wearer. Whether you want to
  1. read the documents
  2. use the laptop
  3. read whatsapps messages
  4. see the GPS while driving
  5. cooking
  6. casual reading
  7. read menu to order food
progressive glasses or multifocal will help you to see everything clearly. It doesn’t matter if you have short sightedness or long sightedness, this glasses is suitable as long as you want to solve the vision problem.

How Much Does It Cost : 

The price of the progressive glasses depends on 3 things
  1. Brand : better brand means better quality lens and more durable
  2. Thickness : like every other lens, thin lens are more expensive than standard lens
  3. Vision stability : progressive lens has different structure compared to normal lens, and lens that is more comfortable to wear will be slightly more expensive. Scroll to the bottom to read more about how progressive lens work.
Generally, for beginner wear between age 40-50, progressive glasses is priced between RM700 to RM1500. For more complicated prescription or age more than 50, we recommend better lens that priced between RM1500 to RM2000. In the process of prescribing progressive glasses, we will perform detailed eye test, understand a lot about your lifestyle, and find out what vision problem you have. We then help you to find the suitable frame and explain about how the lens work to set proper expectation.

What to expect when you first started to wear progressive glasses?

Until this point, you must be curious how does it feel to wear this multifocal glasses? Well, let’s assure you that it is not anything out of the world nor hard to wear.You can now see things clearly at all distances; smartphone fonts do not need to be enlarged nor stretching your hand even further to read.


  • remove glasses to read small words such as SMS/whatsapps
  • extend newspaper to arm length distance
  • driving vision is blur
  • have to bring reading glasses every time you go out


  • able to read SMS/whatsapps without taking off glasses
  • read newspaper at comfortable distance
  • can drive with clear vision
  • a pair of multifocal is all you need

If you are interested to find out more about progressive glasses, continue to read about it below.

How progressive lenses work?

What are they? Progressive lenses are also known as Progressive Glasses / Progressive Lens Glasses with the function whereby the prescription distance normally starts on the very top part and will steadily increase in strength as the region looks down. structure of progressive lens From the image, you can see that
  1. The top part is used to see far object
  2. The middle part is used to see intermediate object
  3. The bottom part is used to read book or phone messages
Simply put – Just imagine 3 sets of lenses associated with one lens, 3 in 1. Just as if you needed to change 3 pairs of glasses for 3 different scenarios, but now it is combined without ever having to change your glasses. So, should you get a pair of progressive glasses? Let’s look at the pro and cons Pros :
  • No longer need to bring additional pair of glasses to read small prints
  • More convenient with just a pair of glasses that you can keep wearing
  • Solve all the unclear vision situations
Cons :
  • Longer adaptation period at the beginning

 Info Summary

Progressive glasses is one of the best solutions to solve reading problems and suitable for daily usage. There may be few people who have bad experience with it but this type of glasses have provided convenience to a lot of people.  If you want to know more, kindly consult our opticians. We will give thorough explanation with complete eye test for you. To book for consultation and eye check, kindly fill in the form below
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