Since the beginning, our team have always believed that giving back to society can be practiced regardless of the size of the company. From a two-man company to a team of 9 today, we have carried out 14 glasses donation. We feel extremely accomplished to be able to help more than thousand locals to restore their vision.


We do not plan to stop here. Now, we are preparing for the 15th glasses donation for the students. Named as ” Back to School with Clear Vision “, this is going to be another glasses donation campaign with Teach For Malaysia under the ” Empowering Vision “ Campaign. We believe that by providing the children clear vision, they can enjoy learning, explore the world and dare to dream!

Our goal is to help 100 students to correct their vision by providing prescription glasses to them. From 15th November to 15th December, for every pair of glasses sold, a pair will be donated to the underprivileged student.


Help us to spread the world and let’s help the students to see the world with clear vision!