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International Women’s Day: It’s A Woman’s World

This year, Be Bold For Change takes the theme for the International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th. But what exactly is this precious day all about? It is to celebrate more than what you see in a woman. Their glory achievements in politics, business, medical and other fields are surely not neglegible. Other than […]

Dos and Don’ts During Chinese New Year

With CNY coming up in a couple of weeks, the preparations of getting new clothes, decorating and spring cleaning has begun. However, many of us may stray away from the ancient customs that have been told to either bring us or sweep away prosperity, so we’ve gathered up a few dos and don’ts during Chinese New […]

Reasons To Own Two Pairs Of Glasses

If you’ve always thought of getting an extra pair of glasses, whether it be a pair of prescriptive glasses or sunnies, here are five reasons to own two pairs of glasses. After all, two is better than one. Cue the Boys Likes Girls song… 1. In times of need. If you decide to have clumsy […]

Three Christmas Picks by Pott Glasses

Tis’ the season to be shopping! With Christmas arriving in a matter of weeks, we decided to ease your gift shopping dilemma. We have gathered up some Christmas picks that would make a wonderful present. Whether it’s for your family members, colleagues or friends, we are sure they would love these babies. If she’s a fan […]

We Make People Look Better And Feel Good On The Inside

I wanted to venture into a field that would make people appreciate themselves when they’re still healthy. People think aesthetics is an easy way out and that it’s all about beauty and what’s on the surface, but I don’t look at it that way. There are people who are living healthily but don’t pay as much attention […]

Celebrities Who Make Wearing Prescriptive Glasses Cool

Beauty and the Geek. Just when you thought you had a serious case of geek with your prescriptive glasses and braces on, these celebrities prove that you can look stylishly chic in them as well. Whether it be on or off screen, even at the oscars, we feel so much better nerding out now that we’re […]