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How computer light affects sleep cycle

” Do you have hard time falling asleep? Your phone and computer could be the culprits “ In today ‘s world, smartphone has become a vital tool for not only communication but also source of information and entertainment. We can hardly separate ourselves from the internet, Facebook, YouTube etc. In addition, our jobs require us […]

Presbyopia Remedy: Reading glasses for old age reading problem

Glasses donation drive 2

Presbyopia is an age-related medical condition that results in the loss of the ability to see objects at a near range. This gradual and intensifying condition is as a result of eye lens hardening and associated decrease in length along with strength of the ciliary muscle, which is accountable for the action known as ‘vision accommodating’. Presbyopia […]

All you need to know about Reading Glasses

The article gives you an overview of reading glasses, what it is, the symptoms and solutions surrounding reading glasses and presbyopia. Introduction of what is reading glasses It’s essential to get our eyes inspected each year in light of the fact that our vision becomes weaker. What’s more, once you’re in your 40s, the progressions […]

H4R Eye Clinic for Refugees

31st of January 2016, H4R (Healthcare for Refugees) started by MMK Malaysia (Migrant Ministry Klang) was able to initiate an eye clinic for refugees with sight problems in Pasar Borong Community Center at Selayang, Malaysia. As sight is one of our God-given gifts to appreciate his excellence, every human being deserve a chance to basic healthcare […]

“That’s the time I appreciated as to how a mother’s responsibility and compulsion never ends ” – Shaneeya

If I have to reminisce “The most unforgettable moment with my “Mom”…. then it has to be the time I had my first daughter. The moment I gained my senses after my normal delivery, my Mom and my hubby were there. My Mom was the one who held my hand and told me that I […]

“I enjoy happy hours with her on the rocking chairs reminiscing tales of yesteryears ” – Emily Kok

My mum insisted on sending me to school although she received strong objections from my dad’s family. Since I was the eldest in the family, my dad wanted me to start working at the age of 12 to support the family instead of going to school. My mum protested as she knew the importance of […]